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Don’t Go Dissecting My Heart – Photo of the Day – Nov. 9

Seniors Cayden Lambert, along with Junior lab partners Chandra Rice and William Kelly examine the heart and lungs, donated by Clint & Sons, during the first period dissection lab in their Anatomy and Physiology class. Clint & Sons donated three sets of organs containing a heart and lungs for the A&P students.

Chandra Rice, Editor

November 9, 2018

A&P Students Explore A Set of Cow Lungs and Heart Keep an eye out for daily pictures that give a glimpse of life at Groom. Click here to see other Photos of the Day....

Four Generations

Pictured above is Raymond

Chandra Rice, Editor

October 17, 2018

Generations Of Groom Attendees seen in the Halls of Groom School Raymond "Ray" Britten visited the halls of Groom school. Ray is the oldest living Groom High School graduate from the class of 1939. "He's always up for storytelling; always smiling and positive," grand-daughter Sara Hudson said. ...

Journey to Playoffs

Groom girls varsity wins the Groom Tournament Championship.

Chandra Rice, Editor

February 9, 2018

Tigerette Runs Through District Chandra Rice, a sophomore member of the Tigerettes provides a look at the season for fans. Perhaps you've heard of the 'Ettes big play-off seeding game on Feb. 10 at 2 p.m. in Claude, but if you missed a game or two along the way, this column is here to catch you up o...

Laying Down the Law

Superintendent Jay Lamb catches sophomore William Kelly breaking the new rules.There have been rule changes regarding hats, cellphones, tardies and facial hair. “ I didn’t expect Coach Lamb to  appear behind me while we were working on a journalism assignment,” Kelly said. “It just made the situation more real.”

Chandra Rice and Tre' Byers

January 9, 2018

Principal Vanderpool Establishes New Rules Principal Stephen Vanderpool met with high school students Monday, Jan. 8, to discuss the new rules concerning hats, facial hair, cell phones and tardies. Hats Students who like to wear hats at home games on school days, like Tuesday games, are out of luck....

On the Road
Photo of the Day – Dec. 1

Junior Jamey Germany loads the bus with her luggage. Teams will depart at 12:45 p.m. The 'Ettes' will play New Home Thursday night, Dec. 1, at 6, followed by the boys at 7:30.

Leslie Germany, Editor

December 1, 2016

Keep an eye out for daily pictures that give a glimpse of life at Groom School.

Wrappin’ it Up

Wrappin' it Up

Chandra Rice, Photographer

November 17, 2016


Groom vs. Channing Wrap-Up

Freshman Kaylie Ritter stands in defense position against the Channing Lady Eagles. The final score was 38-17.

Jamey Germany, Staff Writer

November 16, 2016

The Groom 'Ettes' faced off with the Channing Lady Eagles yesterday on Nov. 15. After traveling for approximately 2 hours, the 'Ettes' came out with a win with a score of 38-17. "It was a good learning experience for the younger ones who got to play more," freshman Ginna Miller said. To make up th...

My Family … My Art … My View

Chandra Rice draws while sitting on the track and listening to music  outside. According to her column, light matters to this photographer.

Chandra Rice, Staff Writer

November 3, 2016

Walking through the halls of Groom High School, I remember all the times that I've been here. I've passed through these classrooms since fifth grade. Now, I'm a freshman. I take pictures for journalism, play sports, and  involve myself in as many extra-curricular activities as I can. Oh, and I love...

Seeing Pink … Focusing on Survival

The Dennis family - Marci, Cole, Harper, Raegan and Jym, continue to try to keep life as normal as possible despite Marci's breast cancer diagnosis.

Chandra Rice and Caroline Britten

September 27, 2016

If Marci Babcock Dennis would have waited to the suggested time to get her first mammogram, she may not have lived to the doctor-recommended age of 40. In honor of Dennis and women everywhere battling breast cancer, the Groom Student Council is selling "Pink Out" t-shirts for all fans to wear at...

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