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Tanis Terbush

Senior Tanis Terbush is the 17 year old son of Daniel and Wilhemina Terbush. Tanis participates in basketball and OAP. Terbush is the videographer, after effects editor and light saber master.

Tre Byers

Senior Tre Byers is the 17 year old son of Shannon Peek. Byers participates in FFA and OAP. Byers is the videographer, and after effects editor. Byers loves music, film, history, animals, and video games. Byers showed sheep.

Ali Friemel

Ali Freimel is the Sophomore daughter Jessica Britten and Justin Britten. Freimel is 15 years old, Freimel participates in cheer leading, basketball, cross country, and track. Ali is the photographer, writer, and yearbook editor.

Graci Treadwell

Senior Graci Treadwell is the Yearbook editor and writer. Treadwell is the 17 year old daughter of Daniel and Staci Treadwell. Treadwell participates in basketball, cross county, cheer leading, and track.

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Jacob Workman

Jacob Workman teaches Journalism and Media Production at Groom High School.  Mr. Workman enjoys working with the students and helping them make their creative visions a reality.  Previously, he taught at Eastern New Mexico University...

Diana Surratt

Senior Diana Surratt; daughter of Cameron and Shamma Kollmar. Diana has not always lived here in Groom she moved here from Amarillo after the Christmas brake of her eighth grade year. Diana is a photographer and Ag reporter fo...

Kirsten Rice

Senior Kirsten Rice is the 17-year-old daughter of Kathy, and Cameron Rice. Rice participates in journalism, basketball, track, and OAP. Rice serves as a staff writer, reporter, pamphlet producer, and photographer.

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