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2017-2018 Staff

Chandra Rice


Sophomore Chandra Rice is the 16-year-old daughter of Cameron Rice. Rice participates in cross country, basketball, and track. She is also active in the First Baptist Church youth group.  This will be Rice's first year in the...

Matthew Bowen

GTTV Station Manager / Lead Anchor

Matthew Bowen is a 17-year-old, junior at Groom ISD. He continues to grow up in the loving arms of his parents, Jamie and Barbie Bowen. He has a sister, Abby Bowen, who is currently in the fifth grade at Groom. He has been a m...

K'Leigh Keesee

Yearbook Editor / Business Manager / GTTV Anchor

Junior K'Leigh Keesee, the daughter of Jerod and Tami Keesee, spends most of her time in the journalism room. This is K'Leigh's fifth year in yearbook and the online newspaper and second in broadcast. Keesee edits the yearbook...

Kodi Tiffin

Photo Editor

Dakota Tiffin "a.k.a. Kodi," serves as photo editor for and for The Tiger yearbook. Tiffin, a junior and the 16-year-old son of Scott House, participates in One Act Play and journalism. He considers himself...

William Kelly

Technology Director

William Kelly, a sophomore at Groom ISD, likes to play video games and spend with his dogs in his free time. Kelly participates in football, track and journalism where he writes for the GroomTigersTimes page, and the technology...

Sydney Ritter

Staff Writer/ Designer

Junior Sydney Ritter is currently in her fourth year of journalism. She was the yearbook editor last year but now is a staff writer and designer.  She is active in many extracurricular activities, including many sports and the...

Adrian Hendricks


Adrian Hendricks, "AKA Boo Boo," is a junior at Groom ISD. He participates in track and FFA. He likes to hunt rabbits, play "NBA 2K 18" on X-Box and listen to Migos in his free time. He also enjoys spending time with friends and...

Hallie Thompson

Staff Writer

Hallie Thompson, the 16-year-old daughter of Slim and Jlynna Finck, spends most of her time barrel racing, showing livestock and participating in FFA and 4-H. The White Deer Riding Club named Hallie as the 2017 Rodeo Queen ...

Cade Linquist


Sophomore Cade Linquist , the son of Cody Hudson and Sara Britten, likes to spend time out on the football field. He participates in football, basketball, track, and journalism. You may contact all staff members at [email protected]    

Cayden Lambert

Associate Anchor

Junior Cayden Lambert, the 16-year-old son of Tom and step-mother Melissa Lambert. He enjoys broadcast, basketball, track, and FFA. Lambert is the broadcast anchor for the daily Tigers Today episodes, this is his first year in...

Katelyn Burger

Broadcast Agribusiness Anchor

Sophomore Katelyn Burger, the 15-year-old daughter of Chris and Emily Burger, enjoys participating in extracurriculars such as FFA, tennis and UIL Academics. Burger works as one of the writers/anchors for the agriculture section of ...

Kaylie Ritter

Staff writer

Sophomore Kaylie Ritter is the 15-year-old daughter of Nicole and Clay Ritter. She enjoys singing, participating in cheerleading, FFA, basketball, cross country and track. Ritter likes to spend her spare time singing or being...

Tre' Byers

Assistant Director GTTV

Tre' Byers, a freshman who draws, animates, plays video games, writes stories, or helps people in his spare time, has joined the staff. Tre' helps take care of his mother and dog when he's not at sports practice,...

Sam Short

Staff Reporter / Writer

Samantha Short, the daughter of Beverly Schiffman and Troy Short, spends most of her time on electronics. She moved to Groom High School in 2015. This is Short's first year to help with the yearbook and online newspaper. Her main...

Saffron Eugea

Staff Photographer/Writer

Eighth-grader Saffron Eugea, the daughter of Jason and Vanessa Eugea, spends most of her time practicing her hair tricks or writing calligraphy. This is Saffron's first year to work on yearbook and the online newspaper. Eugea...

Trace Parker

Staff Reporter

Trace Parker, a 13-year-old eighth-grader, likes music and movies. He moved to Groom, Texas, in 2015. Trace started his first year in journalism in 2017, and it's his first year to work on the yearbook.

Damon Kuehler

Staff reporter

Eight grader Damon Kuehler, the son of Ron Kuehler and Laura Kuehler, likes to spend time out on the football field. He participates in football, basketball, track. He plans to participate in high school sports and possibly co...

Phineas Eugea

Staff reporter

Phineas Eugea, the son of Jason and Vanessa Eugea, likes to play video-games and engage in Boy Scouts. He said he wants to grow up slowly and learn from mistakes.  To contact staff members, go to [email protected]  

Cael Ruthardt

Staff reporter

Eighth-Grader Cael Ruthardt  , the son of Rex Ruthardt and Dawn Hallgren, likes to spend time with family and playing video games. He participates in football, basketball, track, tennis, and journalism. He  likes to do YouTube...

Colby Linquist

Staff Reporter

Eighth-grader Colby Linquist, the son of Cody Hudson and Sara Britten, likes to spend time with best friends, Cael and Damon. Linquist participates in football, basketball and track. You may contact all staff members at [email protected]

Lisa Musser Roskens


Lisa Musser Roskens has taught at Groom School for more than 17 years. Prior to coming here, she worked as a full-time journalist, stay-at-home mom and freelance writer.   This school year will be her seventh to teach scholastic...

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