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The Adrian and Tyler Show – Dec. 7 Podcast

Adrian Hendricks, Staff Writer December 7, 2018

In this latest podcast, Groom students Adrian Hendricks and Tyler Cox share their thoughts and opinions about the latest national and local sports.

Totally Uncalled For is an extra credit opportunity for Coach Blacks English classes. Students can write anything from book reviews, to three sentence poems. Totally Uncalled For is completely optional but encouraged for extra credit. It is seen as a good way for students to share their work with their friends and get some extra credit points. I enjoy the Totally Uncalled For board,it gives students the opportunity to share there work with the fellow students of Groom. said Sophomore Kirsten Rice.

Poetry is Reckless but Lovely

Staff Writer Kirsten Rice Exhibits Her Extra Credit Poetry
Kirsten Rice, Editor October 22, 2018

The Lovely Reckless by Kirsten Rice is an extra credit paper she wrote for “Totally Uncalled For”.  Students can write anything from book reviews to restaurant reviews as an extra credit project....

5 Stranded

5 Stranded

Saffron Eugea, Staff Writer October 4, 2018

How to do a 5 stranded braid

Chris picks for week 2

Chris’ picks for week 2

Chris Nichols, Staff Writer September 17, 2018

Chris’s picks for week 2 of NFL Carolina vs Atlanta  21-7 L.A. Chargers vs Buffalo 21-0 Minnesota vs Green Bay 24-13 Houston vs Tennessee 27-17 Cleveland vs New Orleans 35-30 Miami...

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid

Saffron Eugea, Staff Writer September 6, 2018

  How to "Fishtail" braid  

Fall Through

“Fall Through”

Saffron Eugea, Photographer/ Writer May 8, 2018

How to do a Waterfall Braid

The Art of The Dutch

The Art of The Dutch

Saffron Eugea, writer April 5, 2018

How to do a Dutch Braid Hey, guys! Saffron here. Today, I am going to teach you how to do a "Dutch Braid." If you read my last blog, you might have learned how to do a regular and a French Braid. Once...

Using photos from pixabay, wikimedia commons, and Seth Ritter, junior Sydney Ritter creates another genius, imaginative work with an additional unusual animal.

Peek at a White Wonder

Sydney Ritter, Reporter / Designer March 27, 2018

Rare peacock takes spotlight in Ritter's second animal column Writing about the uncommon okapi got me to thinking, how many other weird animals are there out there? My first thought was to ask Alexa,...

Cameron Rice kisses his daughter Chandra Rice on the head at her eighth-grade graduation party. Cameron wrestled with Chandra to get cake in her face, but she fought back and managed to get cake on the both of them. In her attached column on her father, Chandra reflects on some of the key words hes shared with her, including these:
You have more to you than you give yourself credit for, Rice said.

Carpenter… Harvester… Mechanic… Best of all Father

Chandra Rice, Editor March 19, 2018

Chandra Rice reflects, writes on her father's example, words When I look at my dad, I see my protector and my first love. He's been there for me through thick and thin. Even if he gets on the me, I know...

Courtesy of photo shop, junior Sydney Ritter poses with an okapi, her favorite animal. Ritter decided to write a column about this unusual creature. You may not want to change your favorite animal to this unique one, but I hope Ive at least broadened your horizons, Ritter said.

The Animal You’ve Never Heard About

Sydney Ritter, Writer / Designer March 5, 2018

When you ask most people, "What's your favorite animal?" You normally get cookie cutter answers like, a tiger, or a monkey, but when I say okapi, do you even know what that is?  The animal you've never...

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