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Fit for a King

As players stand ready to  fight against each other, awaiting the next move from their child generals. Every Tuesday those child generals, also known as members of the Groom Chess Club, face off to learn and to compete. They meet at 4 p.m. in the classroom of Aimee Fields.

Kodi Tiffin, Staff Writer

October 5, 2016

Competition does not occur just on the basketball courts and football fields at Groom School, every Tuesday between  4 and  4:30 p.m., war happens, as a lonesome white bishop slides diagonally along a checkered path to knock a king from his back-of-the-board pedestal. Yet, these warriors are not...

Spirit, Spirit! Let’s Hear It!

As shown in the picture, spirit ribbons can be either small or large. They can be different patterns and designs as long as they bring school spirit to students, teachers and faculty.

Justina Coronado and Ginna Miller

September 30, 2016

Have you seen these red-and-black ribbons on student and faculty members' cars around town and wondered what they are? According to local experts, those could be considered tradition in action. Every game day, Booster Club members adorn cars in the Groom High parking lot with vibrant ribbons. According...

Forever Red … Ready to Run

Coach Kylee Armenta makes sure she's available to her students as she is to her athletes. Armenta, the new cross country and assistant girls basketball coach, also teaches math for grades six through 12th. During sixth-period, she can be found leading the fifth-grade physical education class. “I love it in Groom. The school spirit is great, and I feel like everyone has to work hard to make things flow,

Chelsey Lamb, News Editor

September 29, 2016

The 90-plus-degree heat beat down on athletes who ran circles around town after a nine-period day of classes at Groom ISD. But, these high school students kept running, though, in spite of the weather and fatigue obstacles that they faced, and they did so for one key reason. Coach Kylee Armenta, who...

Greenhands Grow Leadership Skills at Camp

While participating at camp, freshman Hallie Thompson, in black in the middle, plays mud tug-of-war with her team. This is one of the many games to play after lunch.

Kaylie Ritter, Staff Writer

September 28, 2016

Ten Groom High School students attended the annual Greenhand FFA Leadership Camp on Tuesday, Sept. 13. It was held at the West Texas A&M Nance Ranch. “Greenhand camp is a great way for freshmen FFA members to socialize and learn leadership and communication skills with other Greenhands,” ag...

Seeing Pink … Focusing on Survival

The Dennis family - Marci, Cole, Harper, Raegan and Jym, continue to try to keep life as normal as possible despite Marci's breast cancer diagnosis.

Chandra Rice and Caroline Britten

September 27, 2016

If Marci Babcock Dennis would have waited to the suggested time to get her first mammogram, she may not have lived to the doctor-recommended age of 40. In honor of Dennis and women everywhere battling breast cancer, the Groom Student Council is selling "Pink Out" t-shirts for all fans to wear at...

Se Habla Español

Karissa Huffman has taken over the role as Spanish teacher at Groom ISD. By incorporating music and many opportunities for casual conversation, Huffman brings a fresh approach to learning Spanish.

Chelsey Lamb, News Editor

September 19, 2016

Voices and music flow from the Spanish room in the west end of Groom school, where students gather in their Spanish-speaking groups and participate in educational activities under the supervision of one of Groom School's  new faculty members. Moving all the way from Arkansas, Karissa Huffman has...

Here Comes the Black Attack

Coach Nicole Black laughs as she participates in the Homecoming Week's themed day 'Superhero/Villain Day.' Black, a certified pyrotechnician, already has booming plans for the girl athletes' season.

Caroline Britten, Features Editor

September 16, 2016

She stands at 6' 4" and is a certified 'blower-upper.' Well technically speaking, newly hired coach and teacher Nichole Black is also a professional pyrotechnician. For the past three years, Black has put on a spectacular firework show for thousands of people at Lake Brownwood. The 29-year-old...

All Shook Up …

This photo ran with's first feature story of Mallie Williams two years ago. This year Williams experienced the Oklahoma earthquake, prior to her competition on Saturday, Sept. 3, in Cherokee, Okla. In 2015, sixth-grader Mallie Williams hops off her horse in the goat tying competition. Being a true country girl at heart, she has always lived with livestock being a major part of life.

Graci Treadwell, Junior High Staff Writer

September 9, 2016

One Groom family experienced the 5.8-magnitude Oklahoma earthquake that happened last Saturday morning. The U.S. Geological Survey upgraded the weekend's quake from 5.6 to a 5.8-magnitude, making it the strongest earthquake Oklahoma has recorded in the state.  Pawnee, Okla., hosted the epicenter f...

Painting Memories

High school art class starts out each school day by working on their ceiling tile. Each student is painting at least one tile for a teacher of their choice.

William Kelly, Staff Writer

September 8, 2016

The room felt intense ... different colors covered the walls: calming blue, green, vibrant yellow, white, orange ... "I told you, you shouldn't of used that color," one student said. "At least mine is straight," another artist said. "How do I make mint chocolate chip paint?" asked another. "Mix...

From Clown to Coach

Coach Colton Woods blows the whistle for the next weight rotation during athletics on Aug. 31. Woods combines his humor and expertise of the game to lead his athletes.

Caroline Britten, Features Editor

August 31, 2016

For possibly the first time ever, Groom School hired a real clown for a coach. Former rodeo clown and new head basketball coach Colton Woods is bringing positive energy and good vibes to the athletic system, according to students and faculty. In addition to his basketball responsibilities, Woods...

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