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Tiger Cycle Time

Freshmen Braedon Williams and Tre' Byers collect used paper ready for recycling as their classmate Zander Mays looks forward to see if the next room is ready for them to come to collect there. These students and their other class members have been running the Tiger Cycle program at Groom School since their seventh-grade year. Adviser Jowannah Powers assists the group with their efforts, which have kept tons of extra paper from reaching area landfills.

Cade Linquist and Tyler Cox

December 24, 2017

Groom Students Keep Tons of Paper Out of Landfills Catch a glimpse of this year's Tiger cycle program by clicking the play triangle above to watch and see how the students of the freshman class continue to help the environment with a program they began while still in junior high with their social...

Back in Black … And Red

Pre-K teacher Pam Hutsell takes time for a quick photo with her preschool students before lining up to go to class. Hutsell left retirement to rejoin the Groom faculty this school year.

Chandra Rice, Editor

November 28, 2017

Hutsell returns to Groom School Returning teacher, Pam Hutsell, left retirement, a typical career-ending step, to help Groom's school's youngest learners take their first steps toward achieving their educational goals, by returning to teach pre-kindergarten this year at Groom. In 2015, Hutsel...

Legal Secretary or Teacher: Question’s End

Mendy Boyd and first-grader Keenon Bennett, have a one-on-one reading lesson. Boyd teaches both reading and provides additional reading conferences to students, as well.

Saffron Eugea, Payton Trevino, and Sam Short

November 14, 2017

Boyd chooses classroom work over courtroom prep; Result: she teaches in Groom It was between working as a legal secretary or as a teacher. Mendy Boyd wasn’t sure what to be.  Later, she decided she belonged in the classroom every day, rather than in a law office. Boyd now teaches reading a...

Guiding Students

Sarah Nichols prepares to lead her third grade students in a lesson. Nichols teaches second- and third-grade math and science in Groom this year. “I don’t do this for me,

Tyler Cox, Staff Writer

November 9, 2017

Teacher Communicates 'she's there' As soon as you step through the door of Sarah Nichols' classroom you notice that it's extremely organized and inspired. The space gives the feeling of students being wanted and having a purpose there. Nichols, who teaches second- and third-grade math and science, said wi...

Texas 1A Fan – Behind The Screen

Bobbie Brown, owner of Texas 1A Fan, updates her website  on her laptop. Brown runs all pages, including her popular Facebook and Twitter accounts, by herself.

Kaylie Ritter, Staff Writer

September 27, 2017

Bobbie Brown shares 1A news with world Students gather the day after a track meet, talking to coaches, no results yet. They continue scrolling through all of the pages. Texas 1A Fan shines from the top of the screen. Results have been found. "I enjoy the way she keeps all of us little guys updat...

Buttons, Basketball Ads, and T-Shirt Orders

Pictured above are the order forms for t-shirts, photo buttons and basketball ads.

August 21, 2017

It's that time again. Grab your new 2017 Groom Tiger football t-shirts to support this year's team. There are two this year. Both are available in short sleeve, long sleeve or as a hoodie. All short sleeve ones are $15, long sleeve shirts are $18 and hoodies are $26. Photo Buttons are also available...

Dreaming, Working, Achieving

Senior Caroline Britten receives the

Kaylie Ritter, Staff Writer

May 18, 2017

Senior Caroline Britten runs down the court, setting up a defensive zone with her teammates. The crowd yells in the background, cheering on the Tigerettes. This scene occurred repeatedly just a few months ago. Basketball was only one of four sports Britten has participated throughout her years of...

Helper…Mayor…Farmer…Referee…Umpire… It’s a List …

Groom Mayor Joe Homer accepts Carson County Junior Livestock Association's

Chandra Rice, Staff Writer

May 10, 2017

One man can be found in a key seat on most days year round - and especially during the school year - and that seat usually places him up front and in charge. Whether he was at the head of the city council table or at the front of a school bus, Groom Mayor Joe Homer could be found serving others. This...

Music Maker

Senior Garet Rocha plays the bass guitar to test sound for one of last year's STAAR pep rallies.  Rocha has attended Groom School since kindergarten.

William Kelly

May 5, 2017

Freshman William Kelly shares a package on senior Garet Rocha.

Flyin’ High … Author Shares Personal Story

Author Stephen Hartman performs shows in schools across the Texas Panhandle to encourage children to pursue the message and the principles in his book, The Adventures of ZACHO. He performed in Groom this semester, and many students said they wanted to learn more about him and his message.

Chandra Rice, Staff Writer

April 5, 2017

Stephen Hartman provides insights into 'Zacho' book There's a "small" town just north of Amarillo called Fritch with a population of around 2000, and one of those residents has a name Groom readers have come to know: Stephen Hartman. Hartman has been performing since the age of 8 and plans to conti...

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