Podcast Covers Track, Tennis, Waffle Irons

News, Opinions, Discussion highlight school events for listeners

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Lisa Roskens

Storms at the area track meet April 16 cause fans and athletes alike to take shelter in the Panhandle dressing rooms. Library aid Mary Treadwell, junior Bradie Dodson and seniors Renee Payne and Shaunna Corley find activities to spend the time. These three students give the podcast news this week. During the opinion section, Treadwell also becomes a significant part of the almost-end-of-school banter.

In this almost-end-of-year podcast, seniors Shaunna Corley and Renee Payne along with junior Bradie Dodson update listeners and discuss the topics of the month. Once again, audio producer Garet Rocha takes care of the technical work behind the scenes.