March Madness Bracketology Update III

Bracket Challenge Wraps up Tonight, Can Clifton jump to Top?


Alan Bush

Now that the Final Four is officially done, all the tickets to the 'big dance' have been punched. After this weekend's festivities everyone's brackets are busts, expect for one. That's right, it's mine. With everyone in the group picking the Kentucky Wildcats to win it all, one is left to sweep the group. Watch the game tonight on CBS, at 8:18 p.m. to see if editor Jacob Clifton and his Duke Blue Devils can win the tournament challenge.

Now that the Final Four is officially done, all the tickets to the ‘big dance’ have been punched. After this weekend’s festivities everyone’s brackets are busts, expect for one. That’s right, it’s mine.

Ya see, everyone else besides Carson and I picked the “unbeatable” Kentucky Wildcats. Who lost to the Wisconsin Badgers in Saturdays late game, 71-64.

Tonight, the 2015 NCAA National Championship will be decided. The Duke Blue Devils and the Wisconsin Badgers are scheduled to tip-off at 8:18 p.m.

Tonight’s game will decide the winner of the bracket challenge. To break it down for you: if Duke looses, the standings will stay the same, and the winner will be Coach Dodson. If Duke wins, I, Jacob Clifton, will jump to the top, because of my 320 PPR (potential points remaining) becoming the 2015 GHS Journalism Tournament Challenge winner.

Make sure you tune in tonight, at 8:18 p.m on CBS.

Bracket Update III