The Seven Basketball Seniors say Goodbye

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A Day Full of Fun
May 25, 2021

The seven basketball seniors of the 20-21 season. Even though this game will be fought through sweat, tears, and lots of goodbyes. These seniors have given there all for every second of every game.

On Friday February 5th, seven seniors will walk across the planks and say a final goodbye to their home court. As the tears fall and the laughs fill the room, there will be a mix joy and sadness. Those final-year seniors have worked hard to compete and give everything they had each game this season. This game is one of the most important games to these seniors, so dont forget to come out and support your Tigers and Tigerettes. The game in Groom against White Deer starting with the girls game at 6 pm. Be loud and cheer on these players as they give everything on their home court for the last time. They never knew when there last game would be due to COVID-19. As the season comes to an end, the only one thing left to do for those magnificent seven is to go out and give it everything they have, like always.

“I’m sad that it will be my last time to play in my home gym,” said senior Graci Treadwell “but I hope that we can win so we can go out with a bang and continue our season.”

The seven seniors are Aubrey Ritter #21,  Gunner Lamb #3, Tyler Boyd #20, Graci Treadwell #1, Braedon Williams #1, Tanis Terbush #21, and Kirsten Rice #11. These seniors have put in lots of hard work even with an uncertain future and schedule throughout the season.  As they continue to give everything they have, this Friday several tears will be shed by parents, teammates, and the students.

“Truth is things are odd, it’s weird to look back and think that this is the end of the line for high school. They say senior year is the hardest year, but the goodbyes and all the lasts are what makes it the hardest. Things are about to change.” said senior Tanis Terbush “I’m leaving high school and I’ll miss it because things aren’t going to be easy, but I’m interested to see how things go in my future.”

As the season began, these seniors were unsure of the outcomes because of COVID-19. As the season went on, they became less worried about COVID and more about giving everything they had. Being seniors mean they are the leaders for the team wither there roll is on the court, or leading the bench. Each senior has a roll and their roll is as important as any other roll on the team, theres just more expected of them because they have been doing it for so long.

“I’m looking forward to what the future holds for me. I’m thankful for the opportunities and friendships I’ve gained over the years. I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given during my years as a Groom Tiger.” said senior Tyler Boyd. “What I’ve learned on and off the court and field prepared me for a promising future. I’ll miss this place but its a sweet ending to a new beginning.”

The future holds many different opportunities for each of the seniors. As there year come to a end they each are going different ways and in to different fields of study. As they go in different paths, they will always remember the memories and the friendships that have been created at Groom ISD. The seniors well be missed by the administration, and  teammates.