Photo of the Day: Sept. 17th


The Senior class stands around the Bonfire for a photo dressed in all their Tye-Dye.

The theme for today is class color day. There’s lots of colorful people walking around our halls. Junior High plays Claude in Claude tonight at 5 pm. Go watch your Cubs take on the Mustangs.  Also, don’t forget the bonfire will be set on fire tonight at dusk. Come out and watch as the bonfire is burned to the ground as the high school students walk around and celebrate homecoming. The theme for Friday is spirit so wear all the black and red you can. The pep-rally will be at 3 pm in the new gym, and don’t forget to come watch the crowning of Homecoming Queen and King Friday at 6 pm on the football field, following the coronation the Tigers will take on the Mustangs at 7:30. Come out and watch and cheer on your Tigers as they play. Be Loud, Be Proud, Be Enthusiastic, and most of all Be Present.