Tigers Take on the Dragons with a Mighty Roar

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A Day Full of Fun
May 25, 2021

Go out and support your Tigers as they take on the Dragons, Friday Sept. 4th in Paducah at 7:30. “I am supper excited to go out and cheer on the boys again this week,” said senior cheerleader Graci Treadwell. (Photo by Kirsten Rice)

Groom Tigers take on the Paducah Dragons, Friday, September 4th in Paducah at 7:30 pm. Go out and support your Tigers as they battle a set of Dragons. “Groom Tigers have the ability to play as true teammates which makes it so much fun to watch them, ” said Groom School Business Manager and coach’s wife Jennifer Peet. “They are quick thinkers and can react to changes on the field. They have the potential to change the outcome of each game as they give it their all and never give up. I hope each game this year not only shows them how to rise up and be a greater team, but with the circumstances, it shows them to play each game like its the last.” The COVID-19 outbreak has caused worry about how long of a season or year the school is going to have. So go out and support your Tigers like it’s their last game, no matter if they play again or not.