Mighty in a Smaller Package

Coach Kirk Ellis brings new changes and challenges to the Tigerettes

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May 25, 2021

Coach Ellis hands up a hand washing sign for his students.

The Tigerettes gained a new coach this year who may not be 6’4, but he brings massive experience and expertise to Groom school.  Coach Kirk Ellis is new in town and he’s putting those girls to work.

“Coach Ellis may do things differently than what we are used to, but we are learning, improving, and all this change is paying off,” said senior Kirsten Rice.

Coach Ellis is the new basketball coach for the Tigerettes. Coach Ellis has news plans and strategies in store for the ladies on the court.  He came to Groom from coaching in Pampa, Texas.  He isn’t used to the smaller number of athletes, but he’s learning how to use them effectively. Coach Ellis has been coaching for 27 years and decided to take the job offer at Groom because he was ready to be back at a small school with a hard-working student atmosphere. 

“Being back in a small town is something I wanted to do so when I got the offer, I took it because the hard-working student atmosphere is the best,” said Ellis.

He isn’t just the new coach,  he’s also the new high school english teacher. He started teaching because he wanted to impart his knowledge and skills on his students. 

“Ellis has lots of terrible jokes, but they can sometimes be funny. I can’t wait for basketball season and getting to learn lots of new plays,” said sophomore Ali Freimel.

Ellis’ goal for coaching this year for the girl’s basketball team to make it to the playoffs.  He also wants the girl’s to reach their full potential in every area of their lives.

“I’m really excited to have him here, I think he will be really good for the girls and me,” said senior Graci Treadwell.

Coach Ellis’ biggest influence was as a graduate assistant for Coach Rick Cooper at West Texas A&M University.

“Rick Cooper influenced me because he took me under his wing and taught me almost everything I know,” said Ellis.

In his free time, he likes to watch sports, hang with his dog, and spend some loving time with his wife. He also enjoys playing golf. 

“Basketball is my favorite sport, but I do enjoy kicking back and playing golf with my family and friends,” said Ellis.

Ellis’ biggest accomplishments are when he took two schools all the way to win district championships for the first time in their respective school’s history. 

“I think we definitely needed a change, and that is good. I think he will be wonderful for the team and push us past some barriers,” said junior Payton Trevino. 

Coach Ellis is giving the Tigerettes a hard-working practice, and when the season comes all the hard work will pay off.