Cheerleading Excitement Begins


Ali Friemel

Senior Graci Treadwell and junior Payton Trevino pose for a fun picture during “Meet the Tiger” in 2019.

Ali Friemel, Writer/Photographer

This year’s cheer squad is full of familiar faces and one new face, Saffron Eugea. “I am very excited that I am getting to cheer with all of these amazing girls my senior year,” said Graci Treadwell. “We are going to have lots of fun and make the most out of this year.” They have come up with a homecoming theme, “Tigers Story”, based on the Disney movie series, “Toy Story”. “I can’t wait for homecoming week,” explained Aubrey Ritter. “We are going to get to dressed up as “Toy Story” characters which will be lots of fun.” Cheer sponsor Melissa Ritter is back again to lead the squad.  “I am very excited to be the sponsor again this year,” Melissa said.  “Our team has already made so many improvements since we first started practicing and through camp. I am ready for this year to be one we won’t forget.” “I can’t wait to get to cheer with all of these wonderful girls again,” Kaylynn Bennett said. “Camp has been the most fun so far, getting to learn new stunts and dances was great.”

Graci Treadwell -Senior

Aubrey Ritter-Senior

Saffron Eugea-Junior

Kaylynn Bennett-Sophomore

Payton Trevino-Junior

Melissa Ritter- Sponsor