Kick-Starting the School Year with a Twist

Students are welcomes back to Groom ISD with some interesting changes.

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A Day Full of Fun
May 25, 2021

Students are being welcomes back for the 20-21 school year with some major changes.

As the school year kicks off, students are learning the new “social norm” for the year. COVID screenings and social distancing are one of the may ways students have to change there everyday behavior. Students are balancing the changes and the continuing construction on the school. As student arrive to the school they no longer go through the same door, Pre-K through 2nd go through the gym doors, 4th through 8th go the office entrance, and freshman through senior go through the Superintendent’s office entrance.

“COVID presents some interesting challenges and being able to bring students back into the facility is what makes it the most fun. We are excited to welcome students and accept the challenges. Seeing the students succeed is what makes all this hard work worth it,” Principal Stephen Vanderpool said.

Upon arriving at school, students are to receive a COVID screening before attending classes. If a student has any symptoms or a high fever they will be sent home to stay until the symptoms pass and the fever is gone. With all the changes due to COVID and the ongoing construction, students may be left wondering what happened to all the fun in school. For high school students, Mr. Vanderpool has given them a challenge that not only motivates them, but awards them at the same time. If a high school student has an average of A or B and their attendance is above 90 percent, they only have to be in Claws for 10 minutes each day, which adds 20 minutes to the student’s lunch.

“I think this will give students a chance to push themselves past there limits and not only does it give us more time it gives us a chance to work harder for the years to come,” said senior Graci Treadwell. “It shows us that hard work can be rewarding and as we continue to push ourselves, we reset our limits each time we move past them.”

The Groom community and school want everyone to have a wonderful year, and remember to keep safe during these challenging times.