OAP is Bi-District Bound


Groom OAP Advances to Bi-District. “I’m so excited to continue our OAP season,” says junior Kirsten Rice ‘I look forward to making changes and getting better as a team and as an individual.”

Congratulations OAP participants for advancing to Bi-District. Another congrats to Ginna Miller and Tanis Terbush for All-Star Cast, Phineas Eugea and Trace Parker for Honorable Mention All-Star Cast, and Kirsten Rice, Saffron Eugea, Brianna Ritter, Hallie Thompson, and Katelyn Burger for All-Star Crew. “I feel really confident in the fact that we advanced to Bi-District, ” said sophomore Phineas Eugea “I trust my cast members as well as the crew and not to mention all the wonderful work Mrs.Fields has done to make this play her own.” Bi-District OAP will be in Fort Elliot on March 26th.