Super Bowl Contenders


AFC: In a triumphant victory against the Titans, 35-24, the Kansas City Chiefs set precedent for a postseason championship game; with Patrick Mahomes becoming the number 1 rusher for the Chiefs, taking away 53 yards, 27 of them being counted for a rushing touchdown. The Tennessee Titans running back Derrek Henry was stopped among dire occasions gaining only a mere 69 yards in the AFC championship game. All the hype of the win came to Arrowhead Stadium and the Lamar Hunt AFC Championship trophy coming back in a long-awaited 50-year reunion of a SuperBowl lV victory; in which Mahomes and company take part in this tradition. From which the fame comes the victor appreciates the win in a chant, “How about those Chiefs!!” ~ Andy Reid, head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs.

NFC: The 49ers left the Packers speechless in a scoreless first half for Green Bay, forcing quarterback Aaron Rodgers to play catchup only to lose a 37-20 game to Garoppolo. The Niners outplayed the packers in every facet of the game, forcing 10 turnovers to seal the win with a fourth-quarter interception by cornerback Richard Sherman. “Aaron Rodgers needs to retire,” said student Damon Kuehler.

Phineas Prediction: Chiefs win 42-28