2020 NFL NFC And AFC Championship Predictions

Titans @ Chiefs
Packers @ Forty-Niners

Titans @ Chiefs Packers @ Forty-Niners

The NFL has shown us time and time again controversial events in both NFC and AFC conferences, all the way from The 14-2 Baltimore Ravens losing to the 11-7 Tennessee Titans as well as the 13-3 New Orleans Saints losing a 34-25 loss to the 10-6 Minnesota Vikings. Not to mention Tom Brady, former quarterback of the 12-4 New England Patriots, becoming a free agent and Vikings offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski signing off a 5-year contract with the Cleveland Browns. Which brought us to the weekend directly before the Super Bowl, a culmination of 32 NFL teams efforts ringing down to 16 teams in the postseason, then 8, then 4, and then the top 2 teams forming into a battle unlike any competition in the world. Sunday, January 19, the San-Fransico Forty-Niners host the Green Bay Packers for the NFC championship: a battle between Super Bowl champion Aaron Rodgers and 2018 backup quarterback for the New England Patriots now starting quarterback for the Forty-Niners Jimmy Garrapollo. These two dominant teams show the capability to keep a winning season intact. The Forty-niners stand as an all-round qualifying team, accounting defensive end and rookie of the year Nick Bosa, along with cornerback Richard Sherman and powerful running back Tevin Coleman. “I think it’s incredible, they haven’t been to their peak since the ’80s and I’m really excited to see how they will do in the Championship Game.”,  journalism teacher Mr. Workman said. Game predictions: Forty-Niners beat the Packers 31-28. Sunday, January 19, The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Tennessee Titans in Arrowhead stadium, one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL. The two teams taking part in this competition have shown multiple times in the playoffs a powerful offense and humbly dominating defense towards opponents. Running back for the Titans Derrek Henry takes a hefty role in his last games win against the Baltimore Ravens with a total of 195 yards on the ground, a part of the Chiefs defense with underlying weaknesses: stopping the run. Vividly, the AFC championship will be mostly derived from running the ball and most of the job going to Henry. If the Chiefs can be able to provide a stable passing attack with Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and powerful receivers: Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins, Mecole Hardman, and Tight End Travis Kelce, they can outscore the Titans. Game predictions: Chiefs win in a tight game 42-40. Leave Game Predictions in the comments below and I will give a shoutout if you got the score right. This is Phineas Eugea, Signing off.