7 Star Therapeutic Riding Center Provides Learning Opportunities

Groom FFA members learn about positively contributing to their community


7 Star Therapeutic Riding Center in Amarillo, Texas is a non-profit equine assisted therapy facility. It is located four miles off of I-40 on Pullman road, 7 Star caters to children and adults with physical and physiological disabilities.

According to the 7 Star website, equine assisted therapy is a proven way to  “contribute positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and mental needs for people 2 to 102.”  The director of development, Courtnie Dodgen explained just how 7 Star helps clients. “For the therapeutic riding it’s not just children but adults too,” Courtnie said. “We have thirteen clients weekly that do therapeutic riding. Eight to ten veterans that also do therapeutic riding and thirty-one assisted physiotherapy.”

7 Star is all about helping people of all ages and disabilities. “Physiotherapy is mental therapy, so during their sessions they do ground work with the horses. They are observed by mental health professionals and equine specialists that ensure safety of horse and client,” Dodgen explained.

“It was much more than just a volunteer opportunity,” senior Hallie Thompson said. “Not just for our members, but for everyone there. We really enjoyed getting to know the kids and understanding what 7 Star did for them.”

While the Groom FFA members were there, they assisted in walking beside patients, unsaddling horses, and general maintenance.  As it is a non-profit organization, they rely on donations to help fund sessions and help with maintenance and clients. “The three most important ways to help us would be volunteering your time, donations, and client referrals,” Dodgen said.  “Volunteers groom and saddle horses, clean the office, side and lead walk with horses, and help with fundraisers.”

Please visit  https://www.7starhorsetherapy.org/about-us to learn more about donations and volunteer opportunities.