Coach Peet’s Year of Firsts

(Photos by Hallie Thompson)

(Photos by Hallie Thompson)

After coaching and teaching in Miami for seven years, Coach Tory Peet has joined us at Groom ISD.  “It’s been a breath of fresh air,” Coach Peet said. “It’s been fun.”

Coach Peet is the head junior high football coach and assistant high school football coach.  “He is such an encouragement to the football team,” senior Hallie Thompson said. “You can tell he took time to build a relationship with all of the boys.”  Along with athletics, Coach Peet is an experienced math teacher in algebra and geometry. “He is really understanding when it comes to school work,” eighth grader Jordyn Prather said.  When asked about his favorite part of the school year he quickly said, “Getting to know all the kids.”

Coach Peet has four children, three girls and one seventh grade son named Greyson.  He is also coaching his son in football. “This is my first year coaching one of my kids, besides in track,” Coach Peet said. “It’s not easy either.”  Last year’s junior high team was very small, but this year’s team has grown in numbers. “Coach Peet has really shaped our team,” eighth grader Ryan Weinheimer said.  “He is a lot of fun.” 

Coach Peet’s daughter, Cherish, has been seen on the sidelines alongside him.  She helps keep the players safe through stretching and first aid.  “I enjoy working with my dad, we worked together in Miami,” Cherish said.  She is a recent graduate from WTAMU with a degree in Athletic Training.  They can both be seen at the next game, Friday, October 11th at Miami.