A Story in Every Picture

A view into the year of Kirsten Rice as she gives you a video of pictures she took throughout this year.


Kodi Tiffin

A sign created by Jaymon Row sits welcoming back the students of Groom School from their summer. After having 85 days of summer students return back. “It feels great being back at school,” said senior Jaymon Row. “I get to see my friend’s happy faces every day.”

There is a story in every picture. That is why I created a video of different pictures I took throughout the year. I wanted to create a story about my year, so I chose photos that had meaning behind them or were just photos I really liked. I had fun making this video and taking the pictures. I would love ‘five more minutes’ to do something with all the students I got close to this year. “Five More Minutes” by Scotty McCreery is the song I used for this video, I don’t own any rights for this song. I chose this song for the story it tells and because it went with some of the pictures I used. This year has been full of surprises, tears, happiness, injuries, and a little bit of drama. I have had a chance to get close to new people and experience a lifetime of lessons I will continue to use throughout my life. This will be a year that will leave an impact on my life and in my heart.

I take great pride in this video because taking pictures is something I have always loved to do. Taking pictures is a way for me to escape from everything around me and focus on what is on the other side of the lens. Seeing the reactions of people from a different perspective is always the highlight for me because it shows their emotions. You can create a story just based on their expressions. The story told is all based on your view of the situation, that’s what’s the best part of taking pictures is. You can show several people the picture and they could all interpret the picture in a different way. When I look at the photos I see something different than everyone else because I was there at that moment and I can remember the story that came to me when I took it. Taking pictures is always interesting because you never know what you are gonna come up with. 

When you watch this video, I hope that you watch it and find the unique story told in every photo. The story you come up with will never match the story to the next viewer. This video is a way for me to tell the story of my year through photos. I appreciate the coaches, teachers, and everyone who gave me the chance to do something I love and create a story through it. I enjoyed spending my nights and days with such wonderful people who allowed me to capture pictures of them and use those pictures to tell a story. I hope everyone loves this story that I put together of a long year that has gone by fast.