Poetry is “Lost”

Staff Writer Kirsten Rice writes about being lost in her latest poem. She often posts her poems in Coach Black’s “Totally Uncalled For” writing center.

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A Day Full of Fun
May 25, 2021

“Totally Uncalled For” is an extra credit opportunity for Coach Black’s English classes. Students can write anything from book reviews, to three sentence poems. “Totally Uncalled For” is completely optional, but encouraged for extra credit. It is seen as a good way for students to share their work with their friends and get some extra credit points for their grades. “The “Totally Uncalled For” board is used by many students, including myself. I think it gives us a chance to see a different creative side of each student that adds something on the board.” said Sophomore Kirsten Rice.

“Forever Lost” by Kirsten Rice, is a poem that she wrote for Coach Black’s “Totally Uncalled For”, an extra credit opportunity for English students.

“Forever Lost” By Kirsten Rice
They fill our head with hate and fear
Scaring us to do what they want
Forcing us to be who they want us to be
They call us names, hit us, yell at us
Deep down inside we know who we are
We be who they want us to be instead of who we are
We are dying inside by being what they want
Before it’s over we lose who we are
We become someone new, someone ugly
We have no heart, soul, feeling, we’re empty
We become like them…….
Forever lost

“I think each poem I write has a meaning, even I have not found. I normally write a poem when I am stressed, as a way to put what I am mainly stressed about in words. ” said Rice.  “I think it helps me realize what I am stressed about, and this is a way I de-stress and get a better grade on an assignment.”