Poetry Has “Feelings”


“Totally Uncalled For” is an extra credit opportunity for Coach Black’s English classes. Students can write anything from book reviews, to three sentence poems. “Totally Uncalled For” is completely optional but encouraged for extra credit. It is seen as a good way for students to share their work with their friends and get some extra credit points. “I enjoy the “Totally Uncalled For” board,it gives students the opportunity to share there work with the fellow students of Groom.” said Sophomore Kirsten Rice.

Staff Writer Kirsten Rice adds another poem to the Poetry Segment. In this poem, she writes about feelings. She often posts her poems in Coach Black’s “Totally Uncalled For” writing center.

“Feelings”, by Kirsten Rice, is a poem that she wrote for Coach Black’s “Totally Uncalled For”, an extra credit opportunity for English students.

“Feelings” by Kirsten Rice

Feelings we all have
Some good
Some bad
Some we keep
Some we want to forget
Feelings that hold us together
Feelings that tear us apart
Feelings we act on
Feeling we hide away
Feelings lead to emotions
Those emotions lead us to what we do
We run away from bad feelings
We run towards good feeling
We hide from the truth cause it hurts
We believe the lie cause it’s easier
The feeling of heartbreak
The feeling of love
The feeling of sadness
The feeling of anger
We all feel these emotions
Feelings we hide
Feelings that shine

“I write totally uncalled for work to keep my grade up and to let students and others see my work and if they want come talk to me about it,” said Rice. “I love getting suggestions on my work and how I can improve on what I am doing.”