What FFA Means to Us


Staff Writer Diana Surratt Explains the Impact FFA has on Students

I believe that the FFA plays an important role in our high school and future lives. FFA teaches kids business and life skills they will use when they get older.

I am a proud FFA advocate for Groom, TX. FFA is an important part of my everyday life. I participate in three different events; including “The Creed” and “Horse Judging”.  Starting this year, I will do a prepared speech in the spring.  I plan on being a veterinarian and “Horse Judging” helps me work on the skills required for that potential job. However, the most important thing I do is “The Creed”. The FFA Creed teaches about our country’s future, building friendships, and dedication.  I was not interested in agriculture until I moved to Groom, but now my AG class is probably my favorite class.

AG classes and FFA have a large impact on many students lives.  Many students didn’t know they liked it until they tried it. “I am glad I got into FFA when I did because it has helped me in school and in life,” said sophomore student Tre Byers. Students are not the only ones who feel this way, the faculty at Groom High School also feel positive about our FFA program. “I think it is an exceptional program that is teaching the kids worthwhile skills that they can use after high school,” said Superintendent Jay Lamb. “In agricultural based communities, programs like these are vital.” 

FFA programs teach students important life skills, and how to work and be with other students they have never met before. It teaches them personal and business skills that will help them do great things in the future. Students don’t have to be in an agricultural event for FFA. Students can participate in job interview, which will really pay later. “I like FFA because I feel it gives you skills in high school that prepare you for life,” Teacher Aimee Fields said.