Chris’ Week 10 Picks

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Chris Nichols

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Week 10 NFL Picks from Chris

Will the Cowboys finally prove they are America’s team, and can the Rams comeback from their loss against the Saints?

Panthers at Steelers my pick Steelers 35-33

Saints at Bengals my pick Saints 38-18

Falcons at Browns my pick Falcons 33-10

Dolphins at Packers my pick Packers 26-20

Jaguars at Colts my pick Colts 23-21

Lions at Bears my pick Bears 23-20

Cardinals at Chiefs my pick Chiefs 45-7

Patriots at Titans my pick Patriots 30-20

Redskins at Buccaneers my pick Buccs 30-28

Bills at Jets my pick Jets 13-12

Chargers at Raiders my pick Chargers 30-13

Seahawks at Rams my pick Rams 34-28

Cowboys at Eagles my pick Cowboys 24-22

Giants at 49ers my pick Giants 24-13

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