Ette’s Basketball Beginning

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 Tigerettes Prepare to begin a new Season

Breathe. Believe.Battle.

The three simple words that have so much meaning to the players and the coaches of the 2018-’19 Tigerette basketball team. As this year’s basketball season begins, the ‘Ettes prepare to face new challenges that are to come.

“We may be undersized, but what we lack in numbers and size we make up for in speed, skill and heart,”Assistant Coach Ashley Young said. “These girls work their tails off and I cannot wait to see all we accomplish this season.”

This year the Ette’s have 11 players, opposed to having the 16 or 17 they had last year. Having to deal with injuries, the Ette’s find that it’s important to keep themselves healthy more than ever this year. With having a small number of players, the Ette’s find that they are able to accomplish more in practice. Working in their post – guard drills, team drills, conditioning and more, the Ette’s work together as a unit in both the defensive and offensive drills performed.

“I am looking forward to the games beginning so I can see what this team can do,” Coach Nicole Black said. “I feel like we are going to be able to play fast, but also have the control to slow down and control the pace of the game to work in our favor.”

Here are the 2018-’19 Tigerettes:


Sydney Ritter – 2

Halle Barkley – 10

K’Leigh Keesee – 13

Madison Friemel – 14


Chandra Rice – 3

Ginna Miller – 11

Kaylie Ritter – 20

Laurel Fields – 31


Graci Treadwell – 1

Aubrey Ritter – 21


Payton Trevino – 22