Four Generations

Staff Writer Chandra Rice Breaks Down the Generations of Brittens In Groom


Pictured above is Raymond "Ray" Britten. On the left is his younger self from class of 1939 and on the right is him now. "You can't choose your family, they are God's gift to you," Hudson said. "What a gift my grandpa is to me!"

Generations Of Groom Attendees seen in the Halls of Groom School

Raymond “Ray” Britten visited the halls of Groom school. Ray is the oldest living Groom High School graduate from the class of 1939.

“He’s always up for storytelling; always smiling and positive,” grand-daughter Sara Hudson said.

Ray’s wife, Alice Homer Britten from the class of 1943, is the only living member of her class.

“My grandpa is one of the most influential people in my life,” Hudson said.  “He’s the anchor to our family.”

Their son, Howard “Hop” Britten graduated in 1972.

“To know my grandpa is to love him,” Hudson said.

Daughter of Hop and grand-daughter of Ray and Alice, Sara Britten Hudson, graduated from Groom High in 1999.

“He’s always told me that he’s never worked a day in his life,” Hudson said. “Because when you love what you do, then it isn’t working.”

Their great-grandchildren Cade Linquist – Class of 2020, Colby Linquist – Class of 2022 and Caydence Hudson – Class of 2030, currently attend Groom School.

Everyone currently reside in the town of Groom.

“You can’t choose your family, they are God’s gift to you,” Hudson said. “What a gift my grandpa is to me!”