Working to achieve Journalism success


Journalism directer Workman videos for the morning broadcast. This is Workman’s first year teaching High School at Groom ISD. Workman lives in Amarillo with his wife and two kids. “I am excited about all of the education opportunities in Groom” Workman said.

From working at the PBS station for Amarillo College as the Content Producer and Coordinator, to teaching at Eastern New Mexico University, Mr.Workman is ready to use his skills to help educate the students at Groom High School. This will be Workman’s 15th year of teaching media and journalism. Workman is not only teaching high school media and production, but also eighth grade journalism.

“I’m excited to be at this campus,” Workman said. “I want to encourage all Groom students to talk to me about pursuing their  journalistic interests.”

Workman’s inspiration for becoming a teacher comes from other educators and professional journalists especially Edward R.Murrow.

“Edward R.Murrow is a role-model of mine because of his journalistic ethics and integrity,” Workman said.

Every teacher has a goal, for Workman its to create effective communications, educate students, and to provide new learning opportunities. He mainly wants to help his students become more successful in the journalism department.

“I’m excited about working with the students and the new opportunities at Groom ISD,” Workman said.

In his free time Workman loves playing guitar, watching movies, playing tennis and spending time with his family. Workman got his Bachelor’s degree at Texas Tech in mass media, and his Masters degree at West Texas A&M University in teaching . He also grew up in Amarillo Texas.

“‘You do not enter the future- you create the future”-by the educator Jaime Escalante’, this quote is one of my favorites,” Workman said.