Saying “Si” to Groom


Coach and math teacher Josiah “Si” Exum works through an equation with his students. Exum is the assistant football coach and head basketball coach for the guys. “I like just being able to work with kids and develop them into good young men and women,” Exum said.

From small town Rankin to small town Groom, this new coach has lots to do.

“I’m most excited to be able to work with a great group of guys and coaches.” said Exum.

Josiah “Si” Exum is the assistant football and the head boys basketball coach, but coaching is not the only thing this new teacher does. He is also one of the new math teachers for our high school. Exum has two years of experience teaching. He previously taught math and PE at Rankin.

“I like just being able to work with kids and develop them into good young men and women,” Exum said.

When Exum was a kid, he moved around a lot because his parents were both teachers. They inspired him to become a teacher. He saw how they encouraged kids and how the kids looked up to them. His parents were also really strong in their faith. He witnessed first-hand how the kids reacted to their teaching.

“My parents have always been supportive of me, and seeing them build leaders out of kids made me want to be a teacher,” Exum said.

His personal goal for his teaching career is to build relationships and encourage his students and other kids around him. His goal for his students is to help them realize their potential and to push themselves beyond their limits.

“I had a coach named Anderson that had pushed me and always expected more out of me,” Exum said. “I also had a teacher named Mrs. Gram that pushed me hard in class so they pushed me beyond my limits.”

Exum’s happiest moment was during college when he was finished, because he didn’t have any more assignments to do. He was finally going to be able to teach and go on with his career. He feels that he was called to be a coach, but he enjoys teaching math because he loved math in school. Exum wants his math students to realize that math isn’t as hard as they think it is.

“I want to bring real life experiences into my teaching,” Exum said.

When Exum isn’t teaching or coaching, he enjoys watching anything on TV. He also likes singing, playing his guitar, or preparing lesson plans. Exum loves playing sports such as football and basketball. He likes being able to play sports with his students because he can not only play with them, but teach them at the same time.

“I like the sport side more of coaching, and I like to see the young men grow,” said Exum.