Groom competes at UIL spring meet

White wooden boards with texture as background

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White wooden boards with texture as background

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UIL students compete at Clarendon College in the Spring 1A District 2 academic competition. Groom brought home a plaque after winning the meet. “We all competed well, and I am very proud of every person who went,” said Matthew Bowen, junior persuasive speaker and social studies competitor. Here’s the team that traveled yesterday, beginning with the: back row: Breadon Williams, Whitt Ward, Laurel Fields, Matthew Bowen, Cayden Lambert, Jamey Germany, Kaylie Ritter, Halle Barkley and Aubrey Ritter. The front row has these competitors: Justina Coronado, Katie Marshall, Lauren Keuhler, Chandra Rice, Katelyn Burger, Sydney Ritter, Hallie Thompson, K’Leigh Keesee and Madison Friemel.

Groom won the overall 1A District 2 UIL spring competition academic meet.

Click the link here to see all results.

Here’s how the Groom students did in competition.


Current Issues

Hallie Thompson – 2nd place

Sydney Ritter – 3rd place

News Writing

K’Leigh Keesee – 1st place

Madison Friemel – 2nd place

Hallie Thompson – 3rd place

Editorial Writing

Lauren Kuehler – 1st place

Sydney Ritter – 2nd place

Aubrey Ritter – 3rd place

Feature Writing

Madison Friemel – 1st place

Chandra Rice – 2nd place

K’Leigh Keesee – 3rd place

Headline Writing

Jamey Germany – 1st place

Katelyn Burger – 2nd place

Halle Barkley – 3rd place

Number Sense

Lauren Kuehler – 1st place

Aubrey Ritter – 2nd place

Persuasive Speaking

Matthew Bowen – 1st place

Cayden Lambert – 2nd place

Social Studies

Laurel Fields – 1st place

Madison Friemel – 3rd place

Katie Marshall – 5th place

Spelling and Vocabulary

Katelyn Burger – 2nd place

Justina Coronado – 3rd place

Halle Barkley – 4th place

Team Events

Journalism – 1st place

Social Studies – 1st place

Speech – 1st place

Current Issues – 2nd place

Spelling and Vocabulary – 2nd place

One Act Play – advancing play