A Tiger Tale


In this game, the boys played White Deer for the second time. The Tigers' district record was 4-10. "I think the boys improved a bunch," Coach Jay Lamb said. "Start to finish. Individual skills got much better."

From ‘start to finish,’

Tigers’ skills get ‘better’

The Tigers district started two games after the Tigerettes’ season started. Member’s of the Tigers basketball team were senior Chandler  LaRoe, juniors Corbin Ruthardt, Cutter Babcock and Cayden Lambert, sophomores Whitt Ward, Cade Linquist, William Kelly and Derek Weinheimer, freshmen Gunner Lamb, Tre’ Byers, Tanis Terbush, Braedon Williams, Braxton Johnson and Tyler Boyd, all helping to make both a varsity and junior varsity team.

First Half of District

The first game of the district season was against Hedley at Groom – Tigers won 51-35.

The second game was against White Deer at Groom – Tigers lost 38-72.

“It was a somewhat successful season, and I look forward to the next one. I think we’ve improved,” Lambert said.

They played McLean third – Tigers lost 66-22.

The fourth game was against Lefors – Tigers won 58-43.

Shamrock was the opponent of the fifth game – Tigers lost 42-70.

“My favorite game was the first Shamrock game because we played as a team more than any other I felt like,” Ruthardt said.

Second Half of District

The district started over with Hedley – Tigers won 55-15.

The second game was against White Deer – Tigers lost 37-59.

“My favorite game was all of them,” Lamb said.

Tigers faced McLean for the third game – Tigers lost 21-60.

The fourth game was against Lefors – Tigers won 71-43.

“My favorite game was Lefors at home because my team played well,” Laroe said.

Tigers play Shamrock for the second time – Tigers lost 39-64.


” I think the boys improved a bunch start to finish. Individual skills got much better,” Coach Jay Lamb said. “We had some kids really step up and play. They grew as a team and their future is bright with so many kids returning.”