It’s Show Time


Groom ag teacher Kamy Whatley reminds her daughter, third-grader Rachel Whatley to get her sheep’s head up. Brother and sister Gage and Rachel Whatley both exhibited animals in the Carson County Stock show on Friday, Jan. 19, in Panhandle. “Eat, drink, sleep and stock show.” sixth-grader Gage Whatley said in class.

FFA, 4-H Students Earn County Awards

Ag students from Carson County came together Jan. 19-20 for their annual stock show in Panhandle. This year FFA and 4-H participants took home six high-placing awards.

In addition to awards, Groom also had six first-time exhibitors.

“When I went to the show ring I was nervous and didn’t think I was going to win,” first-time exhibitor and third-grader Braelyn Ritter said.   “Then, when I got second, it wasn’t so bad.”

Gage Whatley- Reserve Grand Champion Steer, Grand Champion Lamb, 1st place medium wood, Jr. Sheep Showmanship award, Breed Champion British Steer

Rachel Whatley- 2nd place British steer, Reserve Grand Champion Lamb, 3rd place medium wool

Braxton Ritter-Breed Champion Berkshire, Breed Champion white OPB Pig

Maci Keesee-4th place Duroc Pig

Collins Koetting-2nd place Goat

Hope Hickey-2nd place Goat

Hugh Britten-8th and 6th place Cross Breed Pig

Owen Britten- 3rd place Duroc, 8th place Cross Breed Pig

Halle Barkley- 2nd place Exotic Steer, 3rd place Cross Breed Pig

Hallie Thompson-2nd place Duroc

Mallie Williams-4th  place cross breed, 7th place Cross Breed Pig

Emily Britten- 4th place Cross Breed Pig

Tucker Hinson-7th place Cross Breed Pig

Nate Hinson-2nd place Poland Pig

Braelyn Ritter-2nd place Duroc Pig