Presidents, Favorite Firsts, and Horse-Riding DUI

Matthew Bowen and Studio Manager


Lisa Roskens

Junior Matthew Bowen runs the board and anchors as freshman Tre’ Byers participates in his first podcast with Bowen and sophomore William Kelly. They talk about recent news that affects Groom students. This Podcast includes celebrity presidents, first time getting “in trouble” and other topics. “I remember getting in trouble for the first time …,” Byers said, “one of the worst times of my life.” Click the “play triangle” to listen to learn more.

Matthew Bowen, Tre' Byers, and William Kelly

Bowen, Byers, Kelly Discuss Current Events

Freshman Tre’ Byers participated in his first podcast with Sophomore William Kelly and Junior Matthew Bowen. They discuss current events and recent news that affects Groom students. This is the first podcast for the second semester of the 2017-18 year.