Laying Down the Law


Superintendent Jay Lamb catches sophomore William Kelly breaking the new rules.There have been rule changes regarding hats, cellphones, tardies and facial hair. “ I didn’t expect Coach Lamb to  appear behind me while we were working on a journalism assignment,” Kelly said. “It just made the situation more real.”

Principal Vanderpool Establishes New Rules

Principal Stephen Vanderpool met with high school students Monday, Jan. 8, to discuss the new rules concerning hats, facial hair, cell phones and tardies.


Students who like to wear hats at home games on school days, like Tuesday games, are out of luck. But, they may wear hats at home games on Fridays. That’s a new privilege, but remember to “take your hat off” once you head back into the school hallway to buy something from the concession stand, Vanderpool said.

Facial Hair

“I’m tired of telling you to shave,” Vanderpool said.

If handed a razor or told to shave, students must expect to have to eat lunch in the cafeteria and stay there until the junior high leaves, which is when the bell rings. Other high school students in good standing can leave when they want, or they can choose to eat off campus.

Being Tardy

Being tardy in the mornings or after lunch will result in eating lunch in the cafeteria the next day, too.

Cell Phones

“If you’re on your cell phone when you’re supposed to be doing classwork, it’s mine,” Vanderpool said.

Mobile devices can’t be out and in sight unless a teacher gives permission. Cell phones are allowed between classes, but once the tardy bell rings, phones must be put away in backpacks. This rule applies to all classes, including the students in the dual credit classes in the library and the superintendent’s office.

If the phones are not “put up,” according to Principal Vanderpool’s rules, then he said there “will be no more phones.”

  • Cell phones – If your cell phone is confiscated, for a first offence, you pay $15. A second offence costs another $15, but your parents have to pick up the device. If a student commits a third offence, his/her phone is not allowed back to school.
  • Student Handbook – Here’s a link to the current student handbook, current student code of conduct and current student dress code. While the titles indicate these documents are for the 2016-2017 school year, administrators said no changes have occurred, and this list of documents includes the current list of “do’s and don’ts.”