Christmas Care …


Illustration by Jaymon Row

Junior columnist and artist Jaymon Row served as the primary editor for this collection of Christmas writings. Junior high students wrote on “Gifts Money Can’t Buy.” Preschool students focused on letters to Santa. “I think that a gift money can’t buy is a great way to show the spirit of Christmas and what people want,” junior Cayden Lambert said.

Groom Students Reflect on Gifts

Junior High Pen Notes
on ‘Gifts Money Can’t Buy’
Pre-K Works with Journalists
on Letters to Santa

Within this long document, you will find both traditional Santa Letters, written by our preschool students, as well as reflective writings, penned by our junior high classes, on the topic of “Gifts Money Can’t Buy.” This list of Christmas writings is in no particular order.  You can search (by clicking Cntrl + F) for a particular author by name, or feel free to be inspired by them all. As the student journalist asked to compile this Christmas package, clearly all of these students efforts touch on the topic of my “Gift Money Can’t Buy,” which follows here:


A gift that you can give that money cant buy is love. You can’t buy love. You show it. You earn it. You don’t need money to give a gift. You just need a heart, love and a little bit of happiness to give that awesome gift, a gift money can’t buy.
-Jaymon Row,, junior columnist and artist

Junior High Students Reflect on Gifts …

An Armed Gift                

By Gage Whatley

If I could give a gift that money can’t buy, it would be to bring every soldier home for Christmas, so they could spend the holidays with their families. Why? Because, I think all families should get to spend time with the people they love most!


By Ryan Weinheimer

There are many gifts you can give, but why not give a gift  that money can’t buy? In my opinion, the best gift that money can’t buy would be hope. I think hope is the best thing that money can’t buy because it is always there for you waiting until you revive from your devastation. Hope also can be what you lean back on, so you can make your dreams come true. For instance, Cari, my sister, wants this old house, but it is so bad that she might as well burn it and build a new one. Cari wants to fix the house up even though it is kind of moldy looking. I think she has a great amount of hope for it, and that’s why she won’t give up on this dream.


By Brandi Tipton

I love my mom because she is so special to me, and I would hate it if I did not have a mom. People love moms because they take care of them. Children notice and appreciate their mom’s care when those same young people are sick and hurt. Moms watch over us and protect us from getting hurt from other people, like thieves. Our moms will protect.  Dads also help moms protect us. That is why we have moms, and maybe dads.  Don’t be afraid. Moms LOVE you until you die and go to heaven. They’re gifts money can’t buy.

A Friend

By Alexis Jacee Ritter

 If I could give a gift that money can’t buy, it would be friends who are loyal, kind, and good-hearted. These friends would stand beside you, open with their feelings, and most importantly would NEVER give up. I would give a friend like this because people all around the world need a friend. They would love it if they could have a friend, even if it is not like I described. I could be their friend! I know I could never be perfect, but I believe if I work hard enough, I could be a good friend. I would love to have a friend like the one I have described, but being able to give a friend like this, even if it is not me, is the best present a child could get this year. All kids would love to have a friend. Maybe you could be that friend.



By Kye Mays

A gift money can’t buy is love. “Love is as beautiful as your soulmate,” someone once said. Giving steaming soup to homeless people on a chilly night is an example of love. I hope you are able to spread love in the world because love is my gift money can’t buy.

Someone Special – Grandpa Eugea

By Kacie Eugea

A gift money can’t buy would be to see someone special who has left this world. For me, I would want to see my Grandpa Eugea. I would love for him  to have a day alone with me. My grandfather was as bold as brass and as sweet as sugar. I loved him very much. He is the coolest person I have ever met. I love him to the moon and back, like my dad always says.


By Camila Caro

WOW! So many people worry about what gift to buy, and how much money it will cost. How about giving a present that money can’t buy, like joy? Joy is a like a sugary pop. It makes everything sweeter. Joy is a perfect gift that you can’t buy. Joy makes you believe that you can run, run, and run. I  think joy is a wonderful gift.

Two Gifts

By Molly Babcock

Two gifts money can’t buy are hope and love. Hope and love can bring confidence that you will need for your future life. These powerful words can help. You will ALWAYS need love to go out into the REAL world. You will also need hope for when you are having a hard time. Hope and love are all you need to believe in yourself.


By Liam Lambert

If I could get or give a gift that money can’t buy, it would be to help everyone get along together.
I would like other things this Christmas, but the main gift I have always wanted was for everyone I know to have a good relationship so that no part of their friendships ever have to end.

For example, I hate it when marriages end, friendships stop, and teammates fight. I love all of my family, friends and teams. So, if I could get or give a gift that money can’t buy, everyone I know would have a good relationship.

Christmas Gifts                         

By Zadyn Johnson

Have you ever had days where you were just tired of spending money? As the holidays come closer, people have started to come to the realization that money might be a touchy subject this year. Yes, I would love new shoes, new clothes, or something cool, but that isn’t very important to me. Therefore, this Christmas I would really want nothing. After a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that my life is fine the way it is. I might not have the perfect life, but I’m happy.

My life isn’t as bad as some others. My mom has stuck with me through boyfriends, bad grades, and even her own problems, where she should be worrying about her own happiness, but instead she is trying to make my life better. Personally, I would love to have many things, but do I really need them? The answer is no, absolutely not.Truthfully, the only thing that I need is love, and I do feel loved. I don’t need anything to make my life better because my life makes me happy. Yes, I have many moments where I look at myself in the mirror and say “I wish I was prettier,” or “You are worthless like people say,” but no matter what those people truly think, I am actually thankful for the life I have.

The one who makes me realize I don’t need anything the most, is my dad. He has shown me that life is just like a being on a horse – one that is getting chased by wolves. If you jump off you’ll have a better chance of getting eaten. If you slow down, the wolves will just catch up. If you stay on that horse and don’t go too fast or too slow, your life will be easy. Yes, there will be rough roads, but this is the smoothest it’ll get.

I don’t want to receive anything from anyone, but I do want to give a gifts. I want to give my best friend, who has been caring enough to be my best friend, happy memories. I want to have fun with this best friend and go through school making memories together that we will one day look back on and laugh about the things we did. I also want to say thank you to this best friend for actually making me realize that what people say doesn’t matter, and if you go through life thinking it does, you’ll live in shame and sadness. I just want to give this Christmas, not receive, and I hope you do, too.

My Grandpa Breeze

By Stephen Kuehler

The one gift I would want that money can’t buy is to spend more time with my grandpa, who died just a year after I was born on  Dec. 6, 2006. The first reason I would like to see him again is to see what he did when he was not working on the farm – and what he did when he was working on the farm. The next reason I would like to spend more time with him is because my parents say he really liked kids. The last reason I want to see him is because I want to hear all the great stories I have heard from my parents, but I want to hear them from him, and I want him to show me where they happened.

For starters, his name is Robert Kuehler, but everyone called him Breeze. He liked to farm and that’s what he did – day in, day out. He had 12 kids, and one thing that my dad told me was that he never named one of his children. It was all up to my grandma to name the children that they had. The farm was his passion. He did so much for his family and for the farm.  His goal was to pass the farm on to his children. Then, my dad was the one who stepped up and took on the same challenge. He stepped up right away like his father Breeze had done before him. He had to step up even after he lost his dad. I appreciate my dad – and my grandpa – for taking care of us. My dad loves us like his father Breeze did.  

The next reason is my grandpa really liked kids, especially us – Lauren, Alex, Damon, and me. He probably would have liked more time for playing around with us and just spending time with us. He would get home from the farm and come back to his house and just eat dinner and watch TV with the family. He also loved working on the farm with my dad, teaching him the ways he farms. He had taught all of his kids to farm, and they probably did it well, but probably not as good as Breeze did.

I have heard so many stories about him, and I just want to hear all the stories from his voice. One of my favorite stories I have heard was when he was 12, his dad became very sick, and so he had to take care of the farm all by himself. One day he was working on a wagon. One of the wheels had broken, and he was trying to fix the wheel when the horses that were pulling the wagon got spooked. They ran and took him with them all the way across a field. Some neighbors drove by and stopped the horses. When they did, he had dirt and mud all in his face and was taken to the hospital. He could have died that day, and he was only 12 years old. In another story, people say I would go find the remote and give it to him and crawl up onto his lap and watch TV with him. Those are my two favorite stories that I have been told.

Those are some reasons I would like to see my grandpa and actually really know him. I was only one year old when he died, and I never really knew him. He loved his wife, his kids, – especially us, and he also had his passion for working on the farm. He loved us, and we loved him, and he will never be forgotten. He is what I want for Christmas, but I know spending time with him here will never happen, but I still wish it could. I also want to give more than I receive – just like grandpa – without even spending a penny.     

Wisdom with Knowledge

By Connor Fields

Wisdom would a gift for Christmas money can’t buy. I want wisdom because some of the best people have a lot of wisdom, for example, Yoda and Moses. I like that wisdom would just be cool because you get to be like a master of everything in the world.

With wisdom, I can help people with projects or situations they need help with. I would have a lot of stories to tell of what you and other people did. Those examples could be used for problems that come along in the world. I have wanted wisdom for a while, probably since the first time I saw “Star Wars” in like preschool.

Wisdom combined with knowledge would also be good for school like for math and other activities because you would know all the answers without cheating. You wouldn’t need a GPS because you would be so smart you would know all the roads and directions.
I would love wisdom for Christmas.


By Owen Britten

All the money in the world cannot buy your way into heaven. Once you die, you are not able to take your money with you and purchase your way through the gates of heaven.

 In addition, you are not able to purchase your way out of purgatory. While waiting to enter into heaven, you cannot buy your way out of this time frame. Many people think they can buy good deeds their entire life and this will get them into heaven, however in my religious opinion, this is not true.

 You are required to give an offering at church. This however, is not your way to get to heaven, you have to believe in God. I feel sorry for people who don’t know about God.

In conclusion, this is one of very few things in life that money cannot buy. The poorest person in the world can enter into heaven while the richest person in the world can also enter into heaven. They are both equal for once in their life.


By Samantha Stoffers

What I would receive or get as a gift for Christmas, that money can’t buy, would be the gift of acceptance. Acceptance, by definition, is “the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable,” and everyone deserves to be received as adequate, in one way or another.

Moreover, people deserve acceptance when they change, even if you accepted them before. People can change, but your respect and love for them shouldn’t, and that could translate into acceptance of change, acceptance of the person, and of the person’s decision of their own life choices.

However, I would give the gift of acceptance to cause people to feel more worthy about themselves, and to give them support throughout their life. It could even inspire someone to explore their passion, or inspiration, or even their own life.

And, quite possibly proof of this could be that people have encouraged me, in my personal passion of writing, and now I write more than ever, and endure content; even though I do kind of write about depressing subjects.

But, acceptance can still be an effortless element to grant for the reason that, as the title suggests, it costs no money, and can be given to anyone by just giving a compliment on someone’s “oddball” passion, or by giving constructive criticism “politely,” and maybe even just say “Hi” to someone all alone in the caves of darkness.

In conclusion, acceptance is an important part of social interaction, and should be given to those who deserve it. Acceptance should always be a part of daily life, and even for Christmas as a gift to that odd one out.

A gift money can’t buy,
May help us to get by.
It’ll help us look toward the sky,
It’ll fill us like rye.

We’d never lie.

It could help us in the night,
Or with a constant fright.
It could help keep the future bright,
And give us the shining light.

Kindness, Patience and Joy

By Blayne Shuck

This holiday season, I want to focus on giving more than receiving. Giving doesn’t always come in the form of gifts; it comes from the heart. Some of the ways I feel that you can give from your heart are by showing kindness to people who need it, revealing patience in the hard times and being joyful even in the worst of times.

When I think of kindness, I think of someone who takes an extra step to help people feel welcome. This holiday I want to be that someone who always treats people the way you want to be treated. I want to show kindness to everyone I encounter. Hopefully this gift will change someone’s perspective in life and help them strive for kindness too.

The next gift I feel that money can’t buy is patience. I think if could give the gift of patience to someone it would show us how to be calm in difficult situations. Patience is the kind of gift that could not only change a person, but could change the world.

The last gift I would like to give would be joy. Joy is one of the most needed things in our world today. If you have joy, I feel like this helps you overcome any obstacle. This is why this gift is one of the most important gifts for me to give this holiday season.  

In conclusion, kindness, patience and joy are all great things to have – Not only during the holiday season, but in everyday life. So when you think of Christmas and presents, remember the best presents come from your heart, not the store.

My Grandfather

By Logan Burger

The gift that I would give or get that money can’t buy is seeing my grandfather again. I would want to both give and get this gift because I am sure that the rest of my family would greatly enjoy the chance to talk to this man again. I would want my grandmother and mother to see him the most, as well as my two uncles. He was funny, smart, and just generally fun to be around. He’d always have a quick joke or amazing fact to share, and support us if we needed him to.

 The summer of either 2012 or 2013 helped build one of my favourite memories: going tubing on lake Henry Allen in Lubbock. My grandfather had just bought a new boat and was eager to show it off to the people who he loved the most: his family. We drove to the lake, hauling a boat, inner tubes, and a cooler full of sandwiches and drinks. We all took turns getting in the inner tubes while my granddad drove us around. The boat was as fast as a cheetah. At one point, the bow of the boat rose up into the air due to the high speeds, and a few seconds after Katelyn did “no-hands,” she flew out of the inner tube and into the lake. After that, we all had a good time laughing and eating on his new boat. Since he passed away in 2014, my grandmother sold the boat, and I believe that that was one of the saddest days of my 13 years on this planet.

 My grandfather was the one who taught me to shoot. He helped me hit some cans with the chipmunk rifle, and showed me how to shoot a bow. I remember he and my dad would spend hours in the kitchen talking and comparing different types of guns until everyone wanted to cut their ears off and nobody wanted to hear the name “Ed Brown” again. He let me play with some stuff that a 4-year-old probably shouldn’t be allowed around, including some sai, nunchaku, and a giant medieval sword. He was probably the one who, although inadvertently, got me into fencing. One of the things that I want more than anything in the world is to have him come to a fencing tournament and then later, dunk oreos with him just the way he taught me how.

Granddad Gary

By Ali Jayden Friemel

What do I want for Christmas? Well, you are probably thinking, “Oh, she wants money or she wants electronics.” Nope, not this Christmas, all I want for Christmas is to see my Grandad Gary.

Well, you are probably thinking “Why don’t you just go see him?” I wish it was that easy, but I am just going to give it you. He died. Cancer took his life, but I am not for sure what type it was. I wasn’t born before he left this world. But, when I ask, my Gram tells me a lot about him. “He was kind,” Gram said. “He loved sports like basketball, baseball, skiing, and tennis, and basketball was definitely his favorite,” explained Gram. “He loved kids and especially the outdoors.”

I would have loved to go outside and play tennis with him. I also would have liked to race him to the top of the tree that is in my Gram’s front yard. Another thing that he loved to do, and when I say loved, I mean Loved, was play cards. I bet he would have liked to play cards with me, but I know that I would win.

Sometimes I think about this in school and just daydream a little. Sometimes I think about how much we have in common and how he is like a big strong bear. Other times I think if that he read to Madison so much that he was the reason she likes to read. I bet he would have liked to meet Ellie Sloane, too, since he loved children.

In summary, I just wish that I could have seen him for one second. I know it is a lot to ask for, and pretty much impossible, but I am still going to keep wishing. So, now you know my give-or-get gift that money can never buy.

My Family

By Briana Ritter                                          

Most people believe that other people only want lavish gifts. They assume that an expensive gift is superior. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

For example, the only gift that some people truly desire is the chance to just spend time with you. Talking to you is their chance to make memories they couldn’t have otherwise. This may not seem as though it would have any significance to someone, but it means more to them than you may realize.

Furthermore, I know that I love spending the evening playing games with my family. I would be ecstatic to spend more time doing things together. I would even be overjoyed with all of us sitting down and watching a movie. I don’t know if they realize how much I actually enjoy this.

 In conclusion, the most simple gift of all may be the best. You don’t need to go out of your way to buy an expensive gift. Just set aside all of your plans and go spend time with your family. They appreciate this more than any other gift that you could get them. You can’t put a price on a night with loved ones. My family is a gift money can’t buy.

My Godmother

By Kaylynn Bennett

One gift that I would love to receive that money could not buy would be to see my godmother and get to say goodbye to her. She was a very good lady, and I would have liked to have been there when she needed comfort. She deserved that, and I have great regrets that I could not have made it to her in time.

She always loved me and the feeling was mutual on my part because I loved her back,  and I hope that she knew that. I really hope that I was the best goddaughter that I could have been.

Sandra lived down in Florida, so it would have cost us a lot of money to go see her. We tried to find the cheapest plane tickets, but to no avail. I was devastated because most of the plane tickets were at least $2,000, or more, and I couldn’t go alone. If I was to go alone, I would have been able to go, but I had to have one of my parents with me, so it was going to cost a lot of money – money that we did not have.

In conclusion, I just would really have liked to see her before she left this world because I really did love her, and I hated to hear that I couldn’t go and see her. But, I can really talk to her all the time now since she is not busy in Florida anymore, so that’s a good thing. I hope she is looking over my shoulder right now and saying, “Wow! I am really proud of her.”


By Xander Carabajal

The gift money can’t really buy is friendship. Because you can pay someone to be your friend, but they are not your true friend if you have to pay them.

You have to find a true friend that likes you, enjoys being around you, and does not annoy you, or let you annoy them.

In conclusion, while, like I said, you can’t buy friends, you can spend a lot on them – in care, in fun, and in forgiveness.

John – My Old Horse

By Nick Kollmar

Money can’t buy John, my horse, back.  He was one of the best horses I ever owned. He could do anything that I asked him to. When our neighbor couldn’t afford John anymore, he gave him to us. Actually, he gave us two horses, but we only kept John. He ended up being my horse.

The cool thing was what I could get him to lay down and do all kinds of other tricks. He was almost like a show horse.  I could get him to rope, and I could get him to pole bend, barrel race and all kinds of things. He was a do-everything horse.

One day my dad let one of his friends ride John while I wasn’t home. Dad’s friend gave the horse grain and hay and left John out in the yard. Our property then had a well. Unfortunately, John backed up and fell in that whole, breaking his back legs. Basically, John could not survive his injuries.

This happened when I was in the hospital getting medical tests done for a problem I had in my throat, which eventually led me to surgery. My dad called with the news. All I could do was bust into tears, and so did my mom.

  So, if I could have anything, I would want my horse, John, back.

Automatic Intelligence

By Darius Terbush

If I can get a gift for Christmas that money can’t buy, it would be really strong automatic intelligence. Intelligence can lead to freedom and joy. Even if you think it won’t, intelligence can give you a better life.

First, with intelligence, I could get out of school. With even better intelligence, I could get off work and retire early with all of the money I made.

With even better intelligence, I would be able to conquer the world. For example, Thomas Edison had intelligence higher than others. If he wasn’t that intelligent or bright, we wouldn’t have lights.

Even If you think it won’t, intelligence could give you a better life. Without intelligence, we would be cavemen. Be thankful for intelligence.


By Phineas Eugea

Money isn’t everything. When you give an offering, it has to be sincere and honest. I’d say that the most valuable presents come from the heart. Deep inside the soul is always a little sympathy, love, passion, and devotion. Take your time for the people you love. Show them you have power to give. Bring them up; don’t pull them down. Help a person in need. Bring people to the word of God. The best gift money can’t buy is FAITH!

A Hug

By Saffron Eugea

For me a gift that money can’t buy, would be a hug. I would give someone a hug as a gift because when you give someone a hug, it can do so many things for them, such as brighten their day, or make them feel special. If I give someone a hug, I would hope that it makes them feel better, like seeing the stars for the first time in year, or waking up and knowing that it’s a new day.  I know that when I’m  having a long or bad day, I really want a giant hug. To make someone feel better, a hug is one of the most important things to give – because this world – the one we all live in – is NOT a perfect world, but a hug is a perfect gift.


By Damon Kuehler

Most people appreciate receiving respect from others. However, much of the time, people fail to give respect. Respect takes a number of forms: Respect for other people, respect for people’s property, and perhaps most importantly, respect for oneself. Respect is the gift I’d give that money can’t buy.

Spending Time

By Colby Linquist

A gift money can’t buy is spending time with your love ones and talking with your family – and not being on your phone all the time. Like on holidays, when you have all your family members that you don’t see often with you,  just put down all the electronics. Go and visit with everyone. They will appreciate the gift of your time.


By Mark Meyer

The greatest gift money can’t buy is your time. Your time with family is priceless. By spending time with family and friends, you can enjoy the relationships you have with them.


By Trace Parker

A gift that money cannot buy is kindness. It’s a great gift to give or even receive from someone. Kindness can make anyone’s day. So this year, give a little kindness to a special someone. It only costs a few words and a little bit of heart.


By Cael Ruthardt

A gift money can’t buy is strength. Strength gives hope to people who are having a bad day and are feeling down. To give strength to people, you have to compliment them or say, “Good job,” when they do something well. You want to tell them truth, especially if someone else has just wrongly told them that they did “horrible.” Those kinds of words just bring people down, and all people need strength to help them build up to the person they are meant to be. Strength helps everyone in life. We all need strength even to wake up in the morning. Strength is life.

Beam of Kindness

By Sam Short

A gift money can’t buy comes from the heart, the source of love. A gift I would give is kindness. I would show kindness to people even if they were not kind to me. Some people just need that little bit of sunshine in their life to help them be more upbeat about things. I know it will be hard, but I want to be that beam of kindness light that someone may need.


By Payton Trevino

If I could give a gift that money can’t buy, it would be hope. Everyone needs a little hope in their life. To have hope, you may need to take chances that you normally wouldn’t do. You can hope for better days. Actually, you can hope for anything you want. Hope truly is a gift.

Here you will find the 14 Santa Letters from the Groom Pre-K class of 2017-2018, which is taught by Pam Hutsell. Most of these letters were written on Dec. 15, 2017, during a combined learning experience between the Pre-K students and the high school journalists, who are taught by Lisa Roskens.

Pre-K Petitions Santa with Letters

Dear Santa,
I’ve been a good girl this year, and I don’t want coal for Christmas. Here are the things I want for Christmas.
    I want a cat, but my mom is allergic to cats. I want LuLaRoe clothes. I want an ABC chart, so I can study at home. I want a stuffed animal Dasher and Rudolph (the reindeer).  I also want a stuffed animal monkey. I want a karaoke machine to go with my light-up tent that I got for my birthday. I want a new watch cover/band/bracelet to go with my watch that I also got for my birthday. I want a Santa toy with a white beard, red suit and shoes that are black. I was hoping you could bring me a mermaid stuffed animal, as well. I want some more paints, so I can paint my name down on paper.
Here are some cookies, milk and carrots. The carrots, of course, are for your reindeer.
    I love you, Santa.
Blakely Ashford
Transcribed by K’Leigh Keesee, junior

Dear Santa,
I really love you, and I’ve been a really good girl this year. I made a list of what I’d like this year. I would like a play iron for my play house, a new purse for my money, a makeup bag to carry around all of my makeup. I would like some more play dresses to play dress up. I would like a little pink truck with a roof on top. Could I get a new fishing bag to go fishing with my family, a snowman toy, and last but not least cowgirl boots? Do you think I could get one of your girl reindeers named Tenley? I’ll make sure I leave some milk and cookies for you.
Tenley Boyd
Transcribed by Cade Linquist, sophomore

Dear Santa,
I really want a Power Ranger for Christmas, and I’ll leave you a present, too, cookies and chocolate milk. I hope you are doing well, Santa, and that you have a great Christmas. Some other things I want are the yellow Pikachu, an Ironman, a skateboard, and a train.
Goodbye Santa until tomorrow,
Jeremii Chavez
Transcribed by Tyler Cox, sophomore

Dear Santa,
I love you Santa, and I know you. I want a John Deere Tractor. I also want a pickup. That’s all I want for Christmas. I’ve been a good boy, and I’ll leave you cookies and carrots for your reindeer.
Jackson Connelly
Transcribed by Adrian Hendricks, junior

Dear Santa,
I have been very good, and I do not want coal this year. Not at all. I want a bumblebee car for Christmas. Everyone in my class wants Bumblebee! Even me, Caiden Lee Ferguson! I would like presents in my stocking. I like presents. I would really like it to snow on Christmas. Snowflakes are pretty. I would put gloves on when it snows because it’s cold. Rudolph is my favorite reindeer. They’re cute and have horns and hooves. And a tail. I’m going to leave you gingerbread cookies and milk because they’re my favorite. I really like my Ant-man costume at my house. I really like your hat too. Jingle Bells are really fun to play with. I really like them. I do.
Your friend,
Caiden Ferguson
Transcribed by Kaylie Ritter, sophomore

Dear Santa,
I hope you have been having a great year. I can’t wait for you to come this year! I would love to get a doll house for Christmas. I also want a white board, markers and an eraser, just like Mrs. Hutsell! I would love to have a radio to help me go to sleep at night and listen to music. Thanks so much santa!
Love, your friend,
Zyley Johnson
Transcribed by Hallie Thompson

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year. One thing I want for Christmas this year is a cabbage patch doll. Santa, could you bring me an art kit for me to draw? Also, a diary because I love to write. I would also like to leave some cookies for you to eat.
Your friend,
Maggie Lambert
Transcribed by Cayden Lambert, junior

Dear Santa:
The one thing that I like about Christmas is that we get to leave cookies and milk for Santa. I look forward on Christmas to the presents because I like opening the them and then climbing in one and wrapping myself in there, and let my brother open it up.  I want a T-rex that is bigger than the school. I want a red underground shark that has a drill on its nose so I can make holes. I am thankful for friends on Christmas. I would like a Santa sled because I like going into the air. I would give Treyten a big antman egg. My favorite Christmas song is “Rudolph the Red-nosed reindeer.”
From Your Great Friend,
Tytan Stone Leven
Transcribed by William Kelly, sophomore

Dear Santa,
I love you, and I will set milk and cookies out for you when you come in, and I will be asleep when you come.  

I want a bigger Power Ranger Robot with a Power Ranger guy. Also, I want a whole army set that comes with army men, gorillas and tanks. A whole spiderman set that comes with: Venom, Sandman, Spiderman. Whole Batman set with Penguin, with his birds and penguins. Also, I want a new owl. I want a new small stuffed monkey. Lastly, I want a coloring book set.
Yours truly,
Treyten Pylant
Transcribed by  Matthew Bowen, junior

Dear Santa,
I really want an L.O.L. Surprise Doll for Christmas.  I want one of the pet ones. I have been good this year. I just need to clean my room. How are you doing? I’m going to leave you milk and cookies. I will leave carrots out for your reindeer. I also want a Flip Zee Girls doll. I think they are very pretty. I also want a new scooter because my battery is dead.
Goodbye! Ho ho ho!
Kaylee Ratterree
Transcribed by Katelyn Burger, sophomore

Dear  Santa,
I’ve been a good girl. I want a pet shop, snow boots, purple bow, necklace, colorful tights, candy canes, Christmas day shirts, wolf toy. Santa, I’m going to  leave some cookies and strawberry milk and oats for your reindeer.
Emma  Sater
Transcribed by Chandra Rice, sophomore

Dear Santa,
I have been a good girl this year.  I want a baby monster and a little puppy.  I saw you when we were looking at Christmas lights. When you come to my house, I will make you a hot dog.
Savannah Kemp
Transcribed by Pam Hutsell, teacher

Dear Santa,
I have been a good boy this year.  I clean my room every day.  I just want a baby chihuahua puppy. I will take good care of him.  I will leave you some cookies and cocoa.
Eli Wieners
Just remember your money is not needed.
Transcribed by Pam Hutsell, teacher