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Bringing Home the Medals

Katie Marshall, Staff Writer

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High School Girls Finish First in Districts Meet

The junior high and high school cross country teams had a great three day weekend traveling to Shamrock Country Club Golf Course, Monday, Oct. 9. In high school we have 5 people advancing on to regional’s.

Results were provided by

HS Girls:

5. Ginna Miller-13:52 (qualifier)
6. Aubrey Ritter- 13:55 (qualifier)
8. Jamey Germany-14:05 (qualifier)
12. Chandra Rice-14:25
15. Graci Treadwell-14:37
19. Madison Friemel-15:19
28. Kaylie Ritter-17:41

HS Boys:

4. William Kelly-19:34 (qualifier)
8. Braxton Johnson-20:22 (qualifier)

JH Girls:

3. Ali Friemel-13:35 (medaled)
8. Sam Short-14:33 (medaled)
18. Zadyn Johnson-15:24
22. Briana Ritter-15:46
23. Payton Trevino-15:53
26. Kaylynn Bennett-16:27
28. Saffron Eugea-16:42

JH Boys:

1. Connor Fields-12:08 (medaled)
5. Trace Parker-12:34 (medaled)

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Bringing Home the Medals