From Summer Cross Country to Start of School …

New Coaches, Last Firsts Make Up Beginning

March 28, 2017


Senior class (minus Jeffrey Marshall) gathers together after finishing their senior paws before school started in August. These seniors have T-minus 34 days left in the Groom Hallways. “I never thought that senior year would get here,” senior Leslie Germany said. “But, I don’t think I’m quite ready to graduate.” In this first column of her series on senior “lasts,” Caroline Britten focuses on cross country and the first day of school.

“1-7. 1-7. 1-1-1-7.”

Chanting those numbers, the year I would graduate, honestly thrilled me as a freshman. I was finally in high school, walking around the bonfire with my classmates and closest friends, so excited – but dadgum, it was gonna take forever to be one of those seniors.

I don’t think I have ever been more wrong in my entire life.

These past four years have flown by – scratch that! These past 17 years have flown by. High school is quickly becoming just memories. I have heard about all the ‘lasts’ of being a senior, but I didn’t prepare myself – emotionally or mentally – for how hard it was all going to be.

My most-looked-forward-to “last” was the last day of cross country. The season began before school started, but unlike most years, these days seemed to race themselves. When the time came, I was disappointed to see the season go by so quickly. No more Coach (Niki) Black and Coach (Kylee) Armenta taunting me as they drove by blaring some good ol’ George Strait. Gone are the days where I would curse the sun and wind and stop to drink the “holy water” from the Cross water spout out west of town. This year provided something different for my teammates and me that we’ve never truly had: we created a bond that carried over into our basketball season.

Sidenote: Coach A seems sweet, but after the day we ran 5 miles, I wondered if it was all a front. I’m just kidding … maybe. In reality, she was a great cross country coach.

Next was the last first day of senior year. I wasn’t too nostalgic about this last. I would have at least four more first days of school, right? But, this first day of school was different. This would be the last first day that I would walk through the doors of familiarity. This would be the last year I would sit in a classroom with my lifelong friends and be taught by teachers who have watched me grow up. The last first day of senior year turned out to be a big deal.

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