Starting the Season with a Bang
Photo of the Day – March 6

Junior High, High School Teams Participate in 1st Track Meet


Sophomore Corbin Ruthardt lands after he finishes long jumping at the Lefors Pirate Relays on Friday, March 3. Junior high also competed on Thursday, March 2 in the Lefors Bandit’s meet. “For the first track meet of the year it was scary to me,” seventh-grader Payton Trevino said. “But, it was really fun at the same time.” Click the links under the photo for complete results.

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Results from the junior high and high school meet in Lefors are attached below:

Junior High Results

Bandit Relays Boys Results

Bandit Relays Girls Results

Bandit Relays Team Scores

High School Results

Pirate Relays Women Results

Pirate Relays Team Scores

Pirate Relays Men Results