A Leap Into Her Future

Young Senior Struggles to Finish High School Early


Senior Charity Perry high jumps at the Lefors track meet on Friday, March 3, and places third. Track is one of the many things that Perry has participated in throughout her years at Groom. “My goal is to make it to state in high jump this year,” Perry said.

Young Senior Struggles

to Finish High School Early

Her ambition and determination get her over the bar, not only in high jump, but also in the struggle of finishing high school early – one year ahead, to be exact.

“I decided to graduate early in January,” now senior Charity Perry said. “Because I’m just ready to get out of the small town of Groom and see what my future holds.”

A few challenges claim the attention of a junior who decides mid-year to finish early. Perry is not letting those obstacles to keep her from her goal. She barely has time to do extracurricular activities, and do the things she loves to do, with all of the homework that comes with finishing high school. Nonetheless, she never strays away from focusing on her passions.

“During track season, I high jump a lot of the time,” Perry said. “Other times I spend time with friends and family.”

She is taking the last four classes she needs credit for online. Her time outside of class she is spending time with loved-ones, working at the Grill, participating in track, practicing lines for one act play, and doing school work. Perry even stays up until sometimes 2 or 3 in the morning just to finish her homework.

“It’s tiring, but I keep telling myself that in the end, it will all be worth it,” Perry said. “And, that’s what keeps me going.”

Her time she gets outside of class she spends dedicating herself to family, high jump, cheerleading and OAP. She has been a cheerleader for Groom High School for three years, and has played a major role in all three of her years in OAP. She was awarded the “Best Actress award” at White Deer High School on Thursday, March 9, at district competition. She and her team now will be moving on to bi-district competition on March 23 in Fort Elliott. She also said her goal this year is to make it to state in high jump, too. However, none of these activities come before family.

“I’m a big family person,” Perry said. “And I don’t put anyone or anything above family.”

She said that she is going to be working as a lifeguard at the pool here in Groom during the summer. She wants start the journey of finding an apartment and then go to Amarillo College to get her basics out of the way. When fall comes, she plans to continue classes AC. She said she hopes to finish college in two years and find the nearest hospital to become a sonographer.

“If I can’t find a job in Amarillo, I will move somewhere else,” Perry said. “But that would be a last resort because I want to stay close to family.”

Charity’s family is supportive of her decision and intends to be with her every step of the way. They said they believe she will achieve many great things in her adulthood.

“I’m so very proud of the young lady that she has become,” mother Holly House said. “I know that she is ready to go out and make a difference in the world, and I know that she will do great.”

However, her family is unsure about how they feel about her leaving. They said they will miss her very much.

“I’m just not sure I’m ready for my little girl to leave me,” House said. “It will be hard to wake up every day and not see her smiling face, but I know that she is more than ready to go out into this crazy world and make it on her own.”

Her stepmom, Lindsey Poisel, is excited to see what the future holds for the young senior.

“I think she will succeed,” Poisel said. “She is strong. She has a great head on her shoulders, and she will amaze people with all she accomplishes.”