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Senior Garet Rocha plays a B flat cord on the piano. Playing music is a passion for some students here at Groom school. “It helps me think,” Rocha said. “Music can both create and inspire in different ways.”

Music has the ability to convey a strong message, one that can’t always be put into words. Many artists put deep thought and emotion into their songs. As a result, people around the world come to enjoy them. Music has a huge impact on Groom students and the world around them.

“It has motivated me to get through each day,” freshman Hallie Thompson said.

Studies show that music can affect people’s emotions and the way they think about things. It can lift moods if someone is having a bad day and be an escape from the world around them.

“It helps me think,” senior Garet Rocha said. “Music can both create and inspire in different ways. Memories can even be attached to songs.”

Some songs can generate memories that tend to become attached to certain rhythms or melodies because of the way the brain is wired. If someone associates certain people or things with a song, it tends to bring back memories when that specific song is played, even years later.

“It helps me because anytime I come across a problem, there’s always a song that relates to it,” eighth-grader Braxton Johnson said. “And helps me realize other people have had the same issues and will make it through it.”

Learning to play music has been shown to boost the memory. Even playing a simple tune can boost the way the mind recalls information.

“Every classroom and every grade level can benefit from music,” music teacher Melanie Britten said. “It starts in pre-school, actually before that, when a young child learns his ABCs, and continues with colors, grammar rules, and the periodic table. Music touches everyone.”

Not only does music affect an individual personally, but it also affects the people around them. Studies show that others can determine someone’s personality based on their taste in music.

“If someone listens to hateful music,” sophomore Matthew Bowen said. “They will probably be a hateful person. It really just depends on the type of music.”

Research has proven that music contributes to learning in math areas due to its mathematical structure.

“I believe,” Britten said. ” That every wise teacher will find ways to utilize music to reach student’s minds in different ways.”

A short piece of happy or sad music can affect the brain. There are two types of emotions related to music, felt emotions and understood emotions.

“Music makes me happy,” junior Charity Perry said. “And helps me get through life.”



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