‘Ettes Claim Championship

The Girls’ Bring Home the Gold in Adrian Tourney

Caroline Britten

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Victory For All
December 14, 2016

Seth Ritter

The Groom ‘Ettes were presented the championship trophy after a big win against the Lazbuddie Lady Longhorns. This past weekend, the ‘Ettes traveled two hours, there and back, there and back, there and back, for a total of twelve hours to play in the Adrian basketball tournament. “I was excited because its been awhile since we have won a championship in a tournament,” sophomore Madison Friemel said.

This past weekend, the Groom Tigerettes traveled two hours, there and back, there and back, there and back, for a total of 12 hours to play in the Adrian basketball tournament. The long travel proved itself to be worthwhile; Saturday night, the ‘Ettes traveled back to Groom one last time with the championship trophy.

Thursday, Dec. 8, the Groom Tigerettes defeated the Channing Lady Eagles, 40-22. Sophomore Sydney Ritter was the high point for the day with a total of 16. Junior Jamey Germany added seven points to the scoreboard, followed by junior Lauren Kuehler and sophomore Madison Friemel, who both had five.

The Tigers also faced Channing in their first round match-up on Thursday. The boys’ fell the to Eagles, 65-55 in a nail-biter. The Tiger team was led by senior Carson Ritter with 29 points. Another senior, Mason Miller followed behind in the point totals with 10.

Friday, Dec. 9, the ‘Ettes’ defeated Fritch JV, 61-22. Sophomore Sydney Ritter was the score leader with a total of 23 points. Junior Jamey Germany was the next point, adding 13.

The same day, the Tigers also played Fritch JV. The Tigers won, 63-26. The boys’ high point was junior Chandler LaRoe with 17 points, followed closely behind by seniors Ritter and Miller, both scoring 15 in the victory.

Saturday, Dec 10, the ‘Ettes played their final game against the Lazbuddie Lady Longhorns. The girls came out of the championship game with a victory with the score being 42-23. Sophomore Sydney Ritter led the Ettes’ with 20 points, followed by junior Chelsey Lamb with eight.

The boys’ played Dumas JV for the Consolation championship. The Tigers won the game, 59-31. Ritter led the Tigers in this game with 17 points. LaRoe scored 12 in the win.

The Groom Tigers and Tigerettes will travel to Miami on Dec. 13 to play the Warriors and Lady Warriors. The girls game will begin at 6, followed by the Tigers.