Groom FFA Advances to Area

Groom FFA Chapter Conducting Teams Advance to Area


Justina Coronado

The senior chapter conducting team prepares for area. Practices have been at lunch and on weekends for a couple of hours at a time. “Chapter conducting is an event, that you have to put lots of time and effort into,” sophomore Halle Barkley said. “It’s been very time consuming, but it’s obviously paying off!”

Of the six Groom teams that competed in events in the district FFA competition, two – junior and senior chapter conducting teams – will be advancing to area competition on Nov. 19 at West Texas A&M. There, 12 total teams will be competing, but only two will advance to the state level.

“I’m glad that our hard work paid off,” Sentinel Hallie Thompson said.  “And, that we have this amazing opportunity.”

The members of the senior chapter conducting team said they are thrilled about this accomplishment, but the teammates are not thrilled about the work it brings.

“I’m really excited,” President Katelyn Burger said. “But, I’m also nervous because this means more practices and getting a lot better than we are.”

Practices are being scheduled as many times as possible before this competition. Most of the competitors said they didn’t expect to make it to area.

“I am surprised because we messed up,” Vice President Mallie Williams said. “But, I have confidence in my team.”

After only having FFA for a year and a half, ag teacher Kamy Whatley said she sees this achievement as a huge accomplishment for the FFA kids.

“I am ecstatic about our students earning the right to compete at area contest,” Whatley said. “These students have only had FFA and ag classes for a year and a half, and we are already advancing to area. This is a great accomplishment.”

The senior chapter conducting team consists of: Katelyn Burger, Hallie Thompson, Mason Miller, Laurel Fields, Lauren Kuehler, Justina Coronado, Adrian Hendricks, Halle Barkley, and Kaylie Ritter.

The junior chapter conducting team consists of: Braxton Johnson, Mallie Williams, Tanis Terbush, Gunner Lamb, Graci Treadwell, Zander Mays, and Tre Byers.