Tigers Turn Off Lights in Higgins

Game Ends Early Due to Light Issues

Carson Ritter

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The light glares as the Tigers take on the Higgins Coyotes. The game was called, though, with the Tigers ahead 41-6 due to the an electrical problem that caused the lights to go out on the field. “Anytime your defense gives up negative 18 yards, you can’t be too dissatisfied,” Coach Tony Dodson said of the Tiger’s Aug. 26 performance.

If the scoreboard problems weren’t enough, electrical problems with the overhead lights were the deciding factor in the 41-6 rout of the Coyotes in Higgins Aug. 26.

The Tigers traveled 105 miles, almost to the Oklahoma-Texas border, to play the Higgins Coyotes in the season opener. The Tigers had previously played the Coyotes in a scrimmage on Aug. 13.

The Groom defense held up to it’s reputation. The team gave up (or took away?) negative 18 yards on the defensive end.

“Any time that you give up a negative 18 yards, you can’t be too dissatisfied,” head coach Tony Dodson said.

Senior Carson Ritter led the offensive attack for the Tigers. Ritter had 218 all-purpose yards with two rushing touchdowns, two passing touchdowns, and one punt return for a touchdown. To lead the receiving totals for the team was senior Xylon Martin. Ritter threw to Martin three times for three catches for 54 yards and one touchdown.

“We were not stopped on downs,” sophomore kicker Adrian Hendricks said. “So, it went pretty well.”

The Tigers will be battling their ex-district rival McLean in Groom on Sept. 2 at 7:30 p.m.