Running into Success

Cross Country Runners Strive for New Coaches’ Goals


Leslie Germany

The Groom cross country team competed on Saturday Aug. 27 in Canyon. The meet included a practice relay event so no results were totaled. “The girls are working real hard,” Coach Niki Black said. “They get better everyday and have a lot of potential to do well.”

The Groom Cross Country team hit the asphalt Monday, Aug. 8, for the first time this summer. New coaches, Kylee Armenta and Niki Black, didn’t just tell the girls what to do, but participated in the “intense” workouts as well. Whether it’s running around town, to the cross, or in the weight room, these coaches continue to push the Tigerettes toward new accomplishments.

“The girls are working real hard,” Coach Black said. “They get better everyday and have a lot of potential to do well.”

The seventh-grade through varsity-level athletes say they have been pushing themselves to do well, and they intend to reach high goals this year. They seem to be working hard and have tried to not disappoint the new coaches.

“Coach Armenta and Coach Black are very encouraging coaches,” Sophomore Lauren Kuehler said. “It makes the running easier.”

The team, of course, said they “do not” find these workouts easy nor enjoyable, but through seeing improvement, they are not giving up.

“The workouts will really┬ápay off once we get into basketball,” ┬ásenior Caroline Britten said. “The workouts are tough, but I always feel accomplished when we’re done.”

Individuals on the cross country team said they are starting to feel good about this season.

“My goal is to do the best I can and make it to the state cross country meet towards the end of the season,” freshman Ginna Miller said.

The runners said they have all supported each other since the beginning of the season and have not given up on themselves.

“Everyone is very encouraging no matter how fast or slow you are,” junior Morgan Trevino said.

The varsity cross country team attended their meet on Saturday-Aug. 27 in Canyon. Eleven Tigerettes participated in this relay-style meet. No results were tallied due to the fact it was a practice meet.