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Tigerette Gives Gratitude 'S' Twist

April 2, 2016


Photo by Katie Marshall

S is for Sydney. S is for summertime, her favorite time of the year. S is for sweatpants, her favorite clothing item. In this edition of “Autobiography of A Tiger,” freshman Sydney Ritter highlights all of her favorites that begin with the letter “S.”

The question of the week was to write 50 things that you’re grateful for, and I am truly grateful for a lot, but I became stumped around 35. I soon noticed that most of my words started with S’s… so  I added a few S words, and decided to revise the question to 20 things I’m grateful for, all of them starting with the letter S, and a short description of why I’m grateful for it or a memory of it.

  1. Sunsets/Sunrises- The best sunsets always can be seen behind the big, white cross.
  2. Sweet tea- We always buy Red Diamond brand from the S&H Grocery in Groom.
  3. Sweatpants- Big, baggy and black are my favorites. They’re often  your best friend when you don’t want to put on real pants.
  4. Shoes- Heels, tennis shoes, or sandals, a girl has to have them all, right?
  5. Swings- My favorite ones being the red ones on the school playground. We fell into those rocks jumping out of those swings so many times.
  6. Swimming- I was definitely blessed by my Nana having a pool within walking distance from my house.
  7. Sports- Basketball, track, cheerleading, football, tennis, cross-country … I’ve done it all.
  8. Small towns- You know everyone, and they know you right back. They also know your parents, your siblings, aunts and uncles, and quite possibly what you did last weekend.
  9. Sunday mornings- Getting up early, praising Jesus, and being with family – I’ve been enjoying these Sunday routines ever since I was little.
  10. Spaghetti- It’s my favorite food – and my baby cousin Emerson’s favorite, the only difference being the amount she wears once we’re both finished.
  11. Series (books and TV shows)- I couldn’t tell you a favorite of either, but only because I love so many. Libraries and Netflix are good companions.  
  12. Soft blankets- My favorite is a big, red one that’s perfect for rainy, cold mornings.
  13. Symmetry- I’m a little OCD … .
  14. Summertime- Sun, tans, sandals, watermelon, warm nights, friends … what sounds better?
  15. Swimsuits- They always provide an argument with my Dad, but they’re fun to buy and to wear nevertheless.
  16. Strawberries- They’re my second favorite food, and also a perfect summertime snack.
  17. Surprise parties (the ones for other people!!)- The most recent one involved a kidnapping of a certain senior.
  18. Strategizing to win a game- I don’t like to lose, so sometimes planning is necessary to overcome the odds.
  19. Storms- They may be destructive, but they are beautifully destructive.
  20. Stars- One time, at the Legion Hall, my friend and I intentionally moved a picnic table away from the street light, just to have a better view.
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