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March 9, 2016


Julie Sierra shares her last GroomTigerTimes.com column here.

In life every man is unique, what a person shows to the world is only a small facet on the surface. You’d be surprised to find what a single smile can hide and humanity never accepts something that is seemingly impossible. This applies to everyone, and I’m no exception. I am unique in my own way, and there’s more than one. I’m going to be saying 10 unique things about me.

First and foremost is my talent with languages. I know five different languages, which are Spanish, Mandarin (Chinese), Korean, Japanese and Taiwanese. I started learning Spanish when I was three years old. The time I started learning Eastern languages was at the age of 10. Japanese was first, then Mandarin at the age of 12, and I started learning Korean and Taiwanese at the same time at the age of 15. It’s always fun having a challenge in the things I do.

Next in order is I can rap any song I hear after two times perfectly. I figured out this talent when I was with a friend, and he played the same song two times, saying he’s listened to it about seven times and still couldn’t get it right. When he played the song again for the third time, I was rapping along with it perfectly like I knew it.

Also, another unique trait about myself, on my free time I research university-level subjects. For four months now I’ve been researching bioluminescence in Fire Fish, and Noctiluca scintillans (Sea Sparkle), along with researching SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

My attitude is also something people don’t have. I am loud when I want to be; I’m very confident in anything I say or do; I adapt easily, and I can be optimistic, but I can also be realistic and sarcastic. To sum it up, my attitude in a whole is to love all, regardless of what they do; treasure your true friends because they are few and far between, and harm none until they harm you.

I’m also unique by knowing my own worth. I may not mean much to the world, but I’ll mean much to the people that love me.

Another trait of mine is I’m talented in most all things I do. At the start of third grade to eighth, I was in honor choir for the schools I went to and did choir concerts for holidays and at the end of the month. Along with choir, I started learning to play the violin during fifth grade. By the time I reached eighth grade, I decided to expand my horizons away from just singing and playing an instrument, and I decided to start dancing. I’m a good choreographer. I’m a fast learner when it comes to dancing, and I make up my own dances quite a bit when I have free time on weekends.

Something else unique about me is that I was a manager for my friend’s band. It was a lot of hard work doing social media for them, advertising whenever I could, finding the right people to be in it, and finding the right places and audiences for them.

In addition to my unique traits, another is “Storyteller,” which is my nickname from a close friend of mine. I always seem to tell some story to make a person smile. I always like finding some way to make people laugh or help them think about what’s important by telling them a story. Stories affect everyone; what people value as a good story tells you more about them than it does about the story. That is my belief.

Also, another unique trait is that I love gardening. It’s always fun seeing beautiful flowers bloom out in the yard and seeing all your hard work come to life (quite literally). Flowers can bring someone happiness when they need it the most, and flowers give any occasion that special something everyone wants.

Last, but certainly not least, my parents told me that my smile is a unique trait, and some people agree. I, myself, just like to smile and show that I’m happy. My friend Connor tells me, “I can’t help but smile when you smile. It’s contagious and not in a bad way.”

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