Junior High Basketball Memories

Players Reflect on Successful Season


Photo by Madison Friemel

Seventh-grader Gunner Lamb prepares to take the ball to the hoop. Eighth-grader William Kelly gathered junior high reflections for this sports feature.

Monday, Feb. 8, the Groom Junior High boys and girls played the Lefors Pirates to end their basketball season with two final wins, the boys’ score being 37-16. The boys have finished with a record of 11-2. The girls also boasted more wins than losses with a 10-5 record.

Here’s a round-up of thoughts from the players about how this season felt.

“I will miss the eighth-grade girls,” seventh-grader Graci Treadwell said. “Because they encouraging, and they are really fun.”

“I like basketball,” sixth-grader Cael Ruthardt said. “It is fun and interesting because you get a lot of exercise.”

“The thing that I like about basketball is when I get to shoot free throws,” eighth-grader Ginna Miller said. “Because, for a few moments in time, it’s just you and the goal, being completely focused – and the feeling of relief when the ball goes through the hoop.”

Seventh-grader Zander Mays said he will miss the team members who will be moving on to high school because “it is very fun to play with them.”

“My most memorable moment in basketball was being able to play with my team and have fun with my friends, ” eighth-grader Chandra Rice said.

Seventh-grader Aubrey Ritter said that her favorite thing about basketball is “getting the play with her friends and having fun while playing the game.”

With basketball finished, junior high athletes are turning their attention to track.