Groom Cubs Bested By McLean Cubs

Jr. High Play Last Game Of Season, End With First Loss

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Charity Perry

A Groom Cub takes down a McLean game at the last game of the season. Nov. 5, the Groom Cubs lost to the McLean Cubs, 12-39. The Cubs finished their season, 6-1.

Last night, Nov. 5, the Groom Cubs lost to the McLean Cubs, 13-39. The Cubs finished their season, 6-1.

Eighth-grader Whitt Ward was a key player for for the Cubs. Ward helped the Cubs on both sides of the ball. He was one of the top rushing and tackling leaders.

“The team made some mistakes against a really good team, but overall we did pretty good,” Ward said.  “The best part was making a touchdown.”

With the end of the football season comes the beginning of the basketball season.The junior high girls will have their first game on Nov. 9 in Spring Creek. The junior high boys will start out their season on Nov. 11 in the Hedley tournament.  Make sure to come out to the games and show your Cub spirit.